Building a better future, sooner

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Context presentation given at #openwebto. As you build the open web, you are changing the world and powering a better future, sooner.

Text of Building a better future, sooner

  • Building a better future, sooner. #openwebTO: Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010 Advancing the medium of change, for a better future, sooner.
  • 13,700,000,000 years ago
  • 4,450,000,000 years ago
  • 130,000 years ago
  • 7,300 years ago - Agriculture
  • 150 years ago - Industrial Revolution
  • We were powerful.
  • 1945 - Hiroshima
  • We were dangerous.
  • 1989 - Exxon Valdez Spill
  • 1994 - Rwanda
  • 2000 - Aral Sea dies
  • We thought we were in control.
  • 2001 - 911
  • 2006 - Climate Change
  • 2008 - Global markets collapse
  • We were wrong.
  • A aw in the model... ...that denes how the world works.
  • Were making our planet inhospitable.
  • Were killing each other.
  • Were killing ourselves.
  • Were screwed.
  • But, theres hope.
  • 1946 - First Computer
  • 1969 - Internet Launched
  • 1973 - Phones go mobile
  • 1991 - Web Launched
  • 1998
  • 1999
  • 2002 - Smartphone
  • 2003
  • 2004
  • 2004
  • 2005
  • 2006
  • 2007 - Wins Best of Web at SXSW
  • 2007
  • 2008
  • 4 billion people connected together
  • through a new medium
  • a medium thats...
  • open
  • mobile
  • social
  • personal
  • public
  • spontaneous
  • engaging
  • practical
  • A medium of change.
  • the medium of change Data Interaction Infrastructure Devices an emerging system of social technologies more people making more change for a better future sooner
  • its changing us Now over 1.5 Governor People Coming Schwarzenegger billion internet Together responded to users + 4 billion individual tweets, mobile subscribers enables publicly, 45% of people in spontaneously, from developing world his BlackBerry are mobile subscribers Medium In the last 2 months more original By 2020 mobile will of content was posted be primary internet Change on YouTube than device disrupts changes the major networks If Facebook were a Systems Culture could have country it would be of our and broadcast since 48. the 4th largest in the world. Society Mindset Ambient intimacy? Common ground? From news to politics the medium is having profound implications. In the aftermath of the Iran elections in 2009, the US State Department treated Twitter as an essential public service, asking them to delay scheduled maintenance. Shortly after Time declared it the medium of the movement.
  • its changing change Engagement Action from centralized to distributed from controlled to self-organized Obama charity: water #hohoto Haiti Relief enabling practical and spontaneous peer- enabled through sms and enabled 2m participants creative fundraising and produced event in support common web services: which led to: providing direct connection of Torontos Daily Bread Wikipedia page created 35,000 volunteer groups to projects on the ground: Food Bank within seconds 70,000 fundraising pages give up a birthday gift, 18d from idea to event Facebook served as $500m raised from 3m jump out of a plane - no single leader information source donors making 6.5m fundraising made easy >dozen primary around missing people donations through Twestival 1,000 volunteers RedCross SMS campaign 200,000 ofine events volunteers and 10,000 sold out 600+ attendance raised $7m within 24h 2b emails donors raised $250k >$25k raised Virtually every online 3m phone calls online in through 202 events over 2t food donated service became donation last 4 days globally on Feb 12, 2009 gateway. Awareness from structured to emergent Ushahidi Twitter The Ushahidi Engine is a platform that allows anyone Through Twitter, people become aware of disasters and to gather distributed data via SMS, email or web and events before the mainstream media or conventional visualize it on a map or timeline. Our goal is to create channels can report it. For example, Twitter is able to the simplest way of aggregating information from the identify earthquake activity before any other public public for use in crisis response. source. People are the very sensors of change.
  • For a better future,
  • sooner.
  • ChangeMedium facilitates conversations and initiatives that advances understanding, infrastructure, and application of the medium of change. researchers apply conversations change- the Medium