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Infographic created for Avaya, illustrating how organizations can build a more effective network with a multi-vendor strategy.


  • 1. A better way to manage business demand. BUILD A BETTER NETWORK WITH AVAYA VENA STRATEGY Avaya offers global communications expertise that improves business performance and growth. We work with 90% of Fortune 500 companies, trusted to protect IT investments with our commitment to scalable solutions. Avayas approach delivers open and flexible communication systems and collaborative real-time applications with a reliable, enabling network. We deliver a complete end-to-end virtualization capability for enterprise environments with our Virtual Enterprise Network Architecture strategy, combining existing and emerging technologies as a comprehensive solution for real-time networking. Build a more effective network with a multi-vendor strategy. 5 billion gigabytes from 5 billion gigabytes Created information 5billion gigabytes VIRTUALIZATION SWITCH CLUSTERING STACKABLE CHASSIS Bring an adaptable network strategy to your business with Avaya. 1-866-GO-AVAYA Usage of multi-vendor management Often already in place for fault alerting, configuration managment or performance management Capital cost savings 30-50% as a result of competitive bids No increase in staffing Reduced network complexity 15-25over five years Reduced TCO % Mobile 72 3.1 petabytes of data per month were offloaded in 2011 exabytes of data per month will be offloaded in 2016 Mobile data traffic growth 130 exabytes a year by 2016 A new wireless device reaches the market every days 45 Unified communication 76say ROI of UC meets or exceeds their expectations % 72 IT decision makers in the U.S. are looking to deploy video conferencing next year % 19 through 2015 % Video- conferencing growth Cloud computing 74% of companies are using cloud services today 5.75 million new servers are installed every year 148.8$ billion in 2014 68.3$ billion in 2010 1 for every person on earth by 2015 Worlds information doubles every 2 years 1/10 Price of transistor millionth of a cent in 2012 / 70000$ 1MB of storage cost 1/10/ 5.52$ 50 years ago 50 years ago of a cent in 2012 2 10 beginning of time to 2003 every days every minutes Cloud computing growth 2003 2011 2012 80 by 2015 % Enterprise networks obsolete 1 /5in organizations hasnt had a major network update in 4 years GLOBAL NETWORK IMPACT NETWORK DEMANDS M ULTI-VENDOR BENEFITS