Bringing web best practices to share point intranets

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1. Click to edit Master subtitle style Click to edit Master subtitle style bringing web best practices to sharepoint intranets Virgil Carroll president high monkey 2. about me From the great State of Alaska Certified Athletic Trainer Masters in Instructional Design (from UAB) User Experience Aficionado Been building websites since 1998 Been building SharePoint since 2001 Blog: Twitter: @vcmonkey 3. about high monkey Been around since 1998 (HMC name since 2004) Offices in Minnesota and Michigan Clients throughout the US and Canada Core Competencies Web and interface design SharePoint / CMS consulting User Experience 4. why intranets fail 5. Its not what you think Reason Percentage Lack of Executive Support 22% Other, bigger priorities 18% Lack of interest 13% Business specific issues 12% Policies 10% Cost 7% Other 9% Reference: Nielsen Norman Group DO YOU NOTICE WHAT IS MISSING? 6. ITS NOT ABOUT THE TECHNOLOGY 7. Collaborative experiences still sucks Even with improved systems, they are not keeping up with the ever changing enterprise Projects that start well go wrong quickly due to perceived business needs Business still doesnt understand peoples time costs money 8. The resources we need arent there Most SharePoint intranet teams still feel understaffed People experience implementation takes $$ Technology changes rapidly, businesses dont No matter how much we want it, TECHNOLOGY WILL NOT FIX THE PROBLEM 9. web best practices for intranets 10. why use web best practices? People think intranets are websites, not SharePoint Most intranets focus on finding information not collaboration Like a website, if you have to teach someone how to use an intranet, you have failed 11. talk to people not on your team Good intranets will include feedback from other people Requirements interviews Discovery workshops Surveys You must balance opinions with the questions you ask What would you like to see vs. What challenges do you encounter with our current intranet A wish list build will fail REMEMBER Just because someone has an opinion, doesnt mean they are right 12. example good info HR forms are important, but getting to my team site is more Why do I have to go to 3 different systems to figure out all my employee stuff I dont understand different department acronyms wishful thinking People really want to know about project updates The page should know who I am and only show me what I want to see We should have a chat window where I can ask questions 13. your people should always be first We believe our people know us better than they do If ever in doubt, ask any person to recite your org chart Often treat employees like its their first day Unlike Facebook, intranets are not suppose to help people waste time Focus on functional-based results Latest news is only important to the communications group Understanding their stories For large, multi-discipline organizations consider creating personas / customer journeys Accessibility 14. example 15. getting around should be easy Organize information according to how your people think Card sorting Tree tests Navigation should be simple and act like a multiple choice question Mega-menus can be useful when used well 16. example 17. good design supports function We dont call it branding its design Design should never be used for the sake of pretty colors Balance must be established between the design and getting people to what they need to do Color contrast can help people be successful Making it mobile Just because you can, doesnt mean you should Popular frameworks: Bootstrap, skeleton, responsive grid system Use media queries vs. 2013 device channels 18. UX best practices 19. example: too little 20. example: too much 21. example: just right 22. make sure search works People are really poor searchers You have to handle all the variabilities They dont know what they are looking for They dont know how to spell Refiners that are relevant Remove SharePoint objects from the results Great use of 2013 23. example 24. documents are NOT content Documents are for reading stuff longer than people will read on a screen Develop content standards, consistent tone and plans to govern Find a good balance between too much and too little Just because content resides somewhere else doesnt mean people want to go there too 25. tips: what people want to read Content thats scannable Bullet points High level information up front, can dig further if desired Easy to read and understand Up to date information 26 26. example: how do people read on the web? 27 27. example: how people spend their time Above the fold 80% Below the fold 20% Reading Above and Below the Fold 28 Right Half 30% Left Half 70% Left vs. Right People at most read 20% of the words on a webpage People are much more likely to scroll past the fold if the first content they see matches their need 28. learn from your logs Search logs Great source for understanding Spelling challenges Search patterns Many searches for obvious things mean they are not Web analytics Great source for understanding What people really do on your intranet How non-search people look for information Creating push paths or placing of content in multiple locations SharePoint web analytics is still crap, use Google analytics 29. example 30. separate storage from presentation Content may need to be re-used Allows authors to store and work on content where they want Good use of 2013 Roll up content summaries via CQWP or CSWP Use audience targeting to further refine 31. example: content from different sources 32. example: content on multiple pages Home My Employment Forms Expense Sheet Documents and Forms Expense Sheet Company News Departments HR Expense Sheet 33. example: sharepoint 2013 34. use the modularness of sharepoint Centralize CSS and media assets Use proper page structure for flexibility and future updates In 2013, display templates add another layer of flexibility Create structure that content contributors can expand easily 35. master page Can be applied to entire site or sub-sections Link global CSS & Script files Establish overall look-n-feel 36. page layout The insides of an overall page Designers can create multiple, content creators can pick-n-choose 37. display template (2013) Represents the container of a search web part rendering 38. item template (2013) Controls the rendering of each item in a Display Template 39. pay attention after launch 40. summary: why use web best practices People already think your intranet is a website, so make it like one Web usability teaches us we shouldnt have to teach Good websites grow by learning what your people do and helping them do it better One path to success usually breeds failure 41. 42. 43. Join us at #SharePint sponsored by K2 at Clydes of Chevy Chase in the RaceCar Bar Downstairs Why? To network with fellow SharePoint professionals What? SharePint!!! When? 6:00 PM Where? RaceCar Bar Downstairs 5441 Wisconsin Ave Chevy Chase, MD 20815 Thanks to? K2! 44. questions?? Virgil Carroll, President High Monkey Consulting 763-201-6040 Blog: Twitter: @vcmonkey