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  • 2. Boost Your Business With LinkedIn Dos and Dont Even Think About Its Tim Moore| CrushIQ
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    • Old Contact Management
    Old School ways of collecting contacts for future use: I know his contact info is here somewhere - where did I put that???
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    • 116 Million Global users - adding almost 2 new members per second.
    • Real-time , accurate, up-to-date
    • Getting recommendations which are visible to clients, customers and prospects
    • Notified when someone changes jobs, this is a trigger to contact them.
  • 5. Power of
    • Grow trusted business connections rapidly
    • KEY POINT: You already have this network of people in real life. LinkedIn helps you see it and use it .
  • 6. Dont Be Shy Connect! Import contacts from your email or address book Power of
  • 7. Those that complain I dont see any results from LinkedIn Here s why: you re not doing anything!
  • 8. #1 Complete Your Profile Fill out all details until 100% complete!
    • Dont skimp herethis is where people are going to find you credible or not credible.
    • Want calls? Phone #
    • Want site visitors? - URL
  • 9. DO: You MUST Join Groups and Participate! Find groups where your target consumers may be and engage! Gain news and knowledge in your sector, while others share your business and expertise with target consumers.
  • 10. DO: You MUST Ask and Answer Questions This one of the key areas where the magic happens on LinkedIn. Jump in and get in front of prospective consumers , share your expertise, become a trusted resource this will get you business!
  • 11. DO: You Must Actively Publish Regularly provide both useful content that builds trust and is a lead generator for you.
  • 12. DO: You Must Actively Publish Regularly provide both useful content that builds trust and is a lead generator for you.
  • 13. DO: You Must Optimize Profile for SEO Takes only a few minutes, and is a shame to miss out on such easy link juice for your business
  • 14. Tip! Remember: Search engines index these pages, and other LinkedIn members also can search the network for keywords. This is a major resource in search results and improve your website PageRank. Example: If you specialize in real estate or services, say so . ( be specific!)
  • 15. DO: You Must Mobilize FREE - Increase exposure and engagement with prospective clients and customers in just minutes .
  • 16. NEW FEATURES: LinkedIn Today
  • 17. NEW FEATURES: LinkedIn Signals Easily monitor updates within your network, filtering options so see only what people in your extended circle (2nd and 3rd connections) are posting.
  • 18. COOL NEW FEATURES: LinkedIn Maps
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  • 23. WORST Practices You Must Avoid
    • Being Overly Self-Promotional
    • Ignoring Connection Invitations
    • Never Posting Status Updates
    • Making your profile private
    • Confusing LinkedIn with Facebook
  • 24. LinkedIn: Takeaways
    • Update Profile every three months
    • Invite All Your Contacts
    • Write 1 Recommendation a week
    • This Takes Time Be Patient
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