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Blackberry Application: Success in business via blackberry application development services and blackberry programming for success is Panzer Technologies approach.

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  • 1. Introduction to Blackberry Application DevelopmentThe blackberry is a smart phone produced by Research in Motion (RIM). The mobilephone allows customers to access their email and calendar, and provides Internet accessand a bulk of applications designed to create individuals lives more efficient. The systemenables multitasking and supports the specialized devices that have been adopted byRIM. For example, trackball, track wheel, touch screen, track pad etc have been adoptedfor use in handhelds.It is developed to allow for the use of several applications at the same time without toomuch loss of performance. The Blackberry is a java machine and everything comes fromoperating system to all applications and makes with the mobile java version called JavaME. This is good of developers who are already acquainted to java language and knowthat how to create java applications. Due to this purpose it makes no difference ofBlackberry application development from other application on which they haveworked in the past.It is one of the most used and well-known smart phones these days and is a must havedevice for everyone. The primary reason for this is because Blackberry had been the firstone to actually create a large effect on the mobile device market with its wide range ofelegant, innovative and handy smart phones which looked professional in every way.One benefit of software development for wonderful blackberry is that the developershave various options of blackberry development. They can modify the blackberryapplications based on the features of application or user requirements. Developers canbuild java applications and internet browser based applications.Apart from its eye-catching features, stylish looks and other components that havebecome typical for smart phones these days, its mobile apps have also created a largeeffect on the customers in the corporate world. Developers who want to develop orpersonalize blackberry apps, they can develop everything by using the Java ME. WithJava ME, they can access both built-in software and hardware on all Blackberry machine.If you can do anything, it also indicates that you have few pre-made functionality. Youwill need to give some extra times to create certain features that would be available withdifferent choice of the user.The different versions of blackberry operating systems are4.5, 4.6, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, 7.1, 10.0

2. Features of Blackberry Operating System1. It is flourishing due to its versatility of personalized application development for variety of industry, business types and business needs.2. It supports MIDP 1.0, WAP 1.2, and the current version of the Blackberry OS contains rich media and visual functions, allows synchronization with Exchanges e-mail, tasks, contacts etc., it supports Lotus Notes and Novell GroupWise as well.3. Blackberry application development features multi-tasking operating system. Third-party developers can write software using APIs. Push e-mail. Mobile telephone. Text messaging. Internet faxing. Web browsing and other wireless information services4. It offer several multimedia games and utility applications, a wide range of applications comprising of various messenger applications, games, themes, advanced e-mailing applications etc.5. Blackberry apps can be used not only for emails, but also Customer Relationship Management (CRM), field service, Business Resource Planning (ERP), order entry, Online and intranet access, instant messaging and all the tools and programs necessary for you to make important decisions.