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5 most impactful things you can be doing with a crm

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2. Take our survey at the end ofthe session! At the end of the session, well ask you to go online and fill out our integration survey. Well select 2 WINNERS to receive complimentary 1-hour CRM fundraising consulting session 3. The Next Generation of Nordic GivingPLANNING YOUR FUNDRAISINGFUTURE 4. Whats does the worlds best CRMapproach look like from 30,000 feet? 5. Big Picture... 6. #1 The tactical Mass marketing via direct mail and email 7. HOLIDAY 2011 CAMPAIGNThe campaign featured a landing page, which displayedmessages of hope, left by constituents when they weremaking donations.The landing page also featured a video with a briefexplanation of what the BC Cancer Foundation is, a campaignthermometer and a promotion of the ability to send e-Cards. 8. HOLIDAY 2011 CAMPAIGNThe campaign was active for about three weeks,ending on December 31, 2011. It included:1. Google AdWords Search Network (Paid Account)2. Google AdWords Display Network3. Google AdWords Search Network (Google Grant Account)4. Email 4 waves 9. eCardDM engagement device 10. RESULTS AND LEARNINGSOverall Revenue: 1,272 gifts, $275,003, $216.20average gift1. Big Breakthrough #1: Google Search, Adwords - $2,500 spent with a return of $58,000.2. Big Breakthrough #2: Integration across channels worked3. Big Breakthrough #3: More emails, with personalization and e-cards, led to more money online4. 60% increase in revenue from the year before by combining direct mail and online in part with the data used from RE 11. Take our survey! 12. The online gift on your RErecord is then soft creditedto the parishso they can report totalparish donations 13. HOW DO YOU USE RE TOCOORDINATE THIS IMPORANTCHANNEL COMBINATION? 14. The Appeal tabshows whatmailings, email,etc have beensent to thedonor 15. The segment taballows multiplequeries to beprocessed andeachquery is de-dupped againsteach other soconstituents onlyreceive onemailing. 16. #2 The data Analytics of your donor base (targetingusing the giving score) Scoring is the new RFM (and more) Why? Because weve got a lot of donors andlimited marketing dollars 17. Manually assigning a giving scoreRE Screen with the VIP GivingScore at the bottom 18. #3 Acquisition giving people the opportunity to interactand provide info Sick Kids survey Welcome Packages Petitions 19. Have an integrated welcome strategy that attempts to take donors to the nextengagement level and leverages RE 20. Integrated Online Survey: Best Practice to start your legacy, major, middle gift identification and a perfect compliment to BBs Giving Score The cultivation survey: Sent to 57,400 donors 3 key segments: Monthly, Active & Lapsed 5,530 responses (response rate of 11%) Raised $17,574 a bonus! Reactivated 30 donors Found 85 expectances and 292 legacy leads 143 middle and major donor leads! Key: shared budgeting! 21. Cross departmental sharing, learning and lead generation 22. The goals of the survey1. Collect personal preferences of donors for targeted marketing appeals2. Collect demographic data for marketing purposes and connect it automatically to the database!3. Build a deeper relationship with donors give them a platform to be heard4. Uncover leads for other forms of giving including legacies, middle gifts, and major donor gifts 23. And remember, acquisition is now multi-stepLead Acquisition & ConversionGames Email Advocacy Direct mailLEADSTelemarketing EnewsDONORSSocial Media 24. E-petition More info: legitimacyComments: Counter: priority for calls social proofPhone number:Subscribe:or you cant start!for cultivation 25. The different constituenciescalled 18.50%20.00%18.00% Recent Lapsed16.00% Monthly Donor14.00% Online Petition Only11%12.00% 9%10.00%8% E-newsletter 8.00% Subscriber 6.00% Lapsed Single Gift 4.00% Donor 2.00% 0.00%CPMD $75 26. #4 Cultivation You grow your program by taking goodcare, cross channel, of your new andrenewed donors The donor lifecycle helps craft theapproach... 27. Lifecycle Basics for politicalsuccess Shared agreement between fundraising and non-fundraising departmentson the big picture lifecycle plan e.g. how are non-fundraising andfundraising ACTIONS coordinated to give a deeper relationship to theorganization triggering a closer and more generous view from thesupporter Shared agreement between all types of giving (e.g. planned giving, majorgift, middle donor, monthly giving, etc) on when individuals areapproached to be converted to the next level of giving. In otherwords, when is a new gift giving opportunity triggered? Shared agreement on what happens on first entry; graduation and lifetimeevents (e.g. birth of children, first job, grandchildren, death of alumnifriends, etc) Shared agreement on what information will be gathered, and how it willbe gathered e.g. the Drip Marketing approach Shared agreement on how that information will be used and when e.g.birthdates, likes and dislikes, favourite memories, most importantinstructor at school, etc 28. Lifecycle Skeleton The first category should be life event. It can include those importantevents e.g. acceptance, graduation, birth ofchild, marriage, retirement, death, etc The second category should be non-fundraising communication. It caninclude alumni relations or patient (family) communication touch points The third category should be fundraising solicitation. It should includeevery type of giving e.g. text, monthly sustainer, planned giving, etc The fourth category should be channel choices for each of the proactiveinteractions for a constituent The fifth category would be one labelled cooperation. It would explicitlytalk about the necessary cooperation to make an interaction successful The sixth category would be one labelled outcome. It would explicitly talkabout the outcome that the interaction should inspire 29. An example... 30. #5 Reporting With limited resources, how do you usereporting to point you to the mosteffective activities? 31. Take our survey!Go online and fill out the survey! Well select 2 WINNERS toreceive complimentary 1-hour CRM fundraising consultingsession 32. Thank you! Mike Johnstonmjohnston@hjcnewmedia.comAdd please...