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Back in the days when internet was new, slow and expensive, online gaming was one of the most common uses of the World Wide Web and up to this day it is still reigns as the most used. Online games are tremendously popular among children, adolescents and even to adults.Today, you can choose from thousands and thousands of online games. Sounds,graphics, animations and everything about gaming evolved alongside with technology.This one of the reasons why most of the gamers are becoming addicts on playing,maybe the games are also designed to be very addictive.


  • 1. Black Hawk Mines The Most PopularOnline GamesBack in the days when internet was new, slowand expensive, online gaming was one of themost common uses of the World Wide Web andup to this day it is still reigns as the most used.Online games are tremendously popular amongchildren, adolescents and even to adults.

2. Today, you can choose from thousands andthousands of online games. Sounds, graphics,animations and everything about gamingevolved alongside with technology .This one ofthe reasons why most of the gamers arebecoming addicts on playing, maybe the gamesare also designed to be very addictive.Almost every games online are addictive, moreand more people are drawn in gaming moreespecially adolescents to the extent that theyneglect school, family, friends and even hygiene. 3. There are online games that are the most popular, some ofthe leading online games platform are the following. Yahoo games:Yahoo! Games has more than 430 online games including morethan 100 arcade games, about 30 multi player games, variety ofvideo games, card games, board games and more. For someoneto be able to play in Yahoo! Games, one must have a Yahoo I.D.While many of Yahoo! Games are web games that can be playeddirectly on the browse most of Yahoo! Download Games offer afree trial version and a possibility to play online with limitedfeatures. 4. MSN Games:MSN games is a big gaming portal that has both freeonline games, download games, messenger games andonline games that can be played for cash. MSN gamesoffers online games in selection of genres such as puzzles,trivia, card games, board games, arcade games, casinogames and pop culture games. Any person can play atMSN games. But the catch is registered members can takepart in multi player games and take pleasure in otherbenefits. 5. Miniclip:Miniclip is one of the leading and mainly the well-likedgaming portals in the world. Miniclip is a multilingual siteavailable in ten languages including English, French,Spanish, German, Dutch, Romania, Italian, Nihonggo andmore. Miniclip has action games such as pool, chess, ginrummy, mahjong and more. All of Miniclip online gamescan be played directly in the web browser. 6. Pogo:Pogo is an online gaming portal with hundreds andhundreds of free of charge web games and downloadablegames including sport games, card games, action games,etc. Pogo in addition has one of the biggest gamerscommunities online with more than 100,000 players atmax out time. Pogo also has about sixteen unique games.Pogo games also include free trial version with partialfeatures. 7. OnlineGames:OnlineGames offers almost 700 free online games andcommunity forums. Some of OnlineGames exceptionalfeatures include selection of pinball games, lots ofshooting games and retro games, examples of thegames are Frogger, Minesweeper and Pacman. Noregistration is necessary; Flash/Shockwave or Javaplugins are required for the download games.