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BigShot-HD USB Chatpod Speakerphone

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BigShot-HD USB Chatpod Speakerphone is perhaps the most affordable mini usb microphone chatpod available today.

Text of BigShot-HD USB Chatpod Speakerphone

  • 1. Features With built-in microphone pick up for groups of 2-6 people this microphone is great for small conference calls USB 2.0 is ideal for web video conference clients such as Zoom.US, GoToMeeting, WebEX Affordable extension microphone allows for more rooms to be equip with technology

2. Red LED Mute On/Off 3. LED Lit Volume 4. Aux Headphone Jack 5. USB 2.0 Connection 6. Portable design 7. Friday Webinars 2PM EST 11AM PST Call me on our BigSHOT-HD Equipment 8. Call Us for more info Call toll free: (800) 486-5276 9. Haverford Systems Inc Learn More at our Website