Best - Top - Popular Windows Mobile Phone Apps Of 2013

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Got a new Windows Phone and confused about which are the best apps to download? Our editors have analyzed and picked the best/top Windows mobile apps. Have a glimpse of the top rated best windows mobile phone apps of 2013.


  • 1. Best Apps Of 2013

2. Eager to get the best Windows phone apps for your brand new Windows Phone 8? Ohh Yes!!! The Best One'sNow 3. Best Windows Phone Apps 2013 Handyscan Lomogram RowiXbox SmartGlassAppSwitch 4. Handyscan Handyscan is a free portable document scanner & Keeper. Scan your important documents and share them by email or save it to the cloud. 5. Lomogram Lomogram is a photo editing app providing numerous to achieve unique look. It comes with more than 40 filters, lightening effects and various borders. Share your pics instantly on Facebook, Twitter, Flicker and many other social networking sites. 6. Rowi Rowi is a wonderful twitter app made for Windows phone with simplistic features. This app is for all kind of Twitter users and it's performance is better than all Twitter apps in the market. 7. Xbox SmartGlass Xbox SmartGlass allows your Windows to integrate with your Xbox 360 console providing rich, interactive experiences and unique content of what you are watching. 8. AppSwitchAppswitch renders you an easy way to replace your apps with those on your Apple iOS, Google Android or Blackberry. 9. For more info onWindows Phone Apps Visit:Hidden Brains