Best iPhone Apps for Woman

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She decides when to start and end her career, when to buy or sell smartphones, marry, or have children. Times have changed and women are living a better life like they have always aspired to do.


  • 1. Being a woman is undefined. May you be a mother, sister, child, wife, or a nanny;womanhood is something a woman should be proud of. You may get inspiration fromothers, from your lover, or from yourself; the feeling that you get for being a womancannot be compensated. The modern woman is different from what she used to bebefore, especially in ancient times. She is fierce, independent, and tech savvy. Shedecides when to start and end her career, when to buy or sell smartphones, marry, orhave children. Times have changed and women are living a better life like they havealways aspired to do. Image Credit:www.businessinsider.comMost women have gadgets like iPhones. Good thing the iPhone recognizes theimportant role of women in society and in iPhone usage. Here are some apps that willmake women smile for more:Awesome NoteThis is a helpful app especially for the working women who have so many things to do inlife. You can organize your activities, appointments, and work daily. It also reminds youwhat you should be doing for the moment. You can create lists and sub-lists that can behelpful in buying groceries and shopping.

2. ClockInIf you are the freelancer who manages time on your own, then this app is best for you. Ithelps you track time like how much time you should spend editing articles or the hoursyou need to allocate for the meeting with your boss. Because simplicity is beauty, theClockIn layout is so simple that the activities are easily laid out like any time sheet. Italso allows you to export time sheets to your clients so that they may know what you aredoing. Simple and effective.Grocery GadgetBringing an actual list while shopping for groceries is a hassle. Considering that youhave to look for the products while looking at a lengthy list, grocery shopping can be apain. Why would you not replace it with your iPhone? You just slide it so you can seewhat you should be buying. The Grocery Gadget is your friendly guide to groceries. Youcan categorize what you want to buy and scan the barcodes to see prices. No moremessy lists; your iPhone will be your only grocery companion.iBodyHaving a sound mind should also equate to a sound body. Being health conscious isvery important especially since the diet of todays generation is not as healthy as it wasyears before. Thats why iBody is important for every woman. This is your appextraordinaire turned health and fitness advisor. You can chronicle in your personalfitness journal the exercises you did and the app keeps track of all the physical activitiesthat you did. It also tracks your weight, the calories youre burning, cholesterol, andblood pressure. You can share the information with your gym buddies. Thats how iBodykeeps you living a healthy lifestyle.There are many apps available for the modern woman. A woman is defined by beingherself. Being true to herself and living a balanced lifestyle is the best thing a womancan do.Source: