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A talk about Windows Azure, Microsoft's cloud computing platform. Includes a discussion about starting a t-shirt company from scratch, and the struggles of keeping your website afloat.

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  • 1. Azure: The OverviewJeff BlankenburgDeveloper Evangelist Microsoft Corporation

2. What is the PDC? 3. Watch PDC online 4. The nature of software development is radically changing ... ARE YOU READY?Prepare yourself for a demanding future. Attend the MSDN Developer Conference. Experience Microsofts Cloud Computing Platform Be among the first to see Windows 7 Take your .NET skills to the next level The Cost? Just $99 For cities and to register, check out www.MSDNDevCon.comRSVP Code: MDCARC 5. Codemash 2009 January 8 & 9 6. 63 sessionsincluding: Introducing Agile for Real World ProgrammersA Programmers Guide To User ExperienceThree Tips To Improve Your Dev ProcessIntroducing the iPhone SDKModern Web Applications in .NETIntroduction to the Live Mesh SDK 7. Day 0 Precompiler Full Day Language Tutorials .NET 101 with Josh Holmes and Jeff Blankenburg Figure out how to get your feet wet in the .NET framework, C#, Visual Basic, WPF, Silverlight and more.Java, Groovy, and Grails 101 with Chris Judd and Jim Shingler Two Java experts walk you through the basics of Java, its newest dynamic language (Groovy), and the shiniest web framework (Grails.)Ruby 101 with Jim Weirich and Joe O'Brien Yeah, does it get any better? Go learn Ruby from two masters of it. 8. Day 0 Precompiler Half Day Workshops Turning the Ship with Dave Donaldson. Spend time in a highly interactive session with Dave as he discusses practical lessons learned on changing processes, mindsets, and culture to steer a company onto a more agile, productive path.Kanban 101 with Dave Laribee. What's Kanban? How's it different from other Agile implementations? Learn about a not-so- new approach to managing projects that will help you boost your team's productivity and speed to delivery.iPhone Development with Chris Adamson Learn Objective-C and the iPhone's SDK from a noted author and expert.Fundamentals of Test Driven Development. Sit down and walk through the basics of TDD with Leon Gersing and Phil Japikse. Leon will do one session, Phil the other. This hits the basics of TDD and is hands on with two of the most passionate advocates of TDD around. Learn TDD, evolve your critical thinking.Value Stream Mapping Workshop with Mary Poppendieck Learn how to use Value Stream Mapping to pinpoint opportunities for improvement in your software development process. 9. Day 0 Precompiler All Day CodeJam Instructors: Gary Bernhardt, Sarah Dutkiewicz, Joe Fiorini, Corey Haines, John StocktonCome in and spend all or part of your day cranking out code in a room full of Wicked Smart People. We'll have a server application built and hosted on either a VPC or networked server. You can spend your time cranking out a front end to the app, you can extend the app's functionality, or you can just say quot;This sucks and I'm rebuilding it from scratch and I'm gonna do it right!quot; You can work in your own environment, or better yet, do the CodeMash thing and jump off into a new environment. We'll have a number of VPCs set up with all the major development environments. Concerned that you want to jump into a new environment, but won't know how to get started? We'll have experts wandering around the room just waiting to help you out. Why not sit down with someone working in a different environment and pair up with them? 10. Enough about thatToday is about S + S 11. Software + Services Platform 12. Windows Azure 13. Azure Services Platform 14. Using Visual Studio is like wearing glasses. It helps you C#. 15. VB, or not VB?There is no question. 16. Scaling issues 17. .NET Framework Evolution 18. InteroperabilityAzure Services Platform 19. Access Control Federated Identity Flexible, Standards Based Service Lightweight, Developer Friendly 20. Service Bus Lowers Barriers to Building Composite Applications Secure Design 21. Workflow Service Scalable, Lightweight Service Orchestration Integrates with Other Services Leverages Existing Skills 22. Live Services 23. DATA PEOPLEDEVICESAPPLICATIONS 24. Jeff Blankenburg twitter - @jblankenburg