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<ul><li>Blast Your Competition </li><li>My Cloud Automotive Enthusiast Dealer EntrepreneurManag erHusbandSalesmanSurfer Strategist Internet Marketer Google Certified Gadget Guy Music Lover </li><li>Q&amp;A /toddlearsmith #dd6 </li><li>Game Plan OO O O XX XX X </li><li>Strategynoun, plural -gies A strategy is a plan of action designed to achieve a particular goal </li><li>Tactics One or more tasks implemented to achieve a specific goal </li><li>Marketing Tactics </li><li> Website </li><li>NOTICETHE TRENDYET? </li><li>Too Many Choices (Shopping Paralysis) </li><li>In a recent R.L. Polk study, 85% of web shoppers to automotive sites felt that their interaction with the dealership website and the relationship that resulted from that interaction was the most significant factor in choosing which dealership they would purchase from. </li><li>Website Tactics 1. Give Shoppers Direction 2. Make it Easy 3. Build Trust 4. Multiple Contact Points 5. Make it Unique </li><li>Search Engine Optimization </li><li>Focus </li><li>Search Tactics 1.Write Short Articles 2.Mine Analytics 3.Go Long Tail </li><li>Pay Per Click </li><li>BEST PERFORMING ADS 1. USE NUMBERS 2. OFFICIAL SITE TAGLINE </li><li>Website Statistics </li><li>If Its Free Its For ME </li><li>GoogleConversion </li><li>1.Exit Pages 2.Bounce Rate Analytics Tactics 3.Page Views 4.Time Spent On Site 5.Unique Visitors </li><li>Virtual Sales Team </li><li>Click Path Information Location of Shopper Referring Website Previous Chats Keywords </li><li>Whisper Translation Detailed Web Analytics Shop With Me Technology </li><li>Chat Tactics 1. Use Proactive Engagement 2. Lead Your Shoppers 3. Get Personally Involved 4. Dedicate Time </li><li>Email Marketing </li><li>ARE YOU COMPELLED? To Respond </li><li>1. Email Newsletter 2. White Listed &amp; Can-Spam Compliant 3. Subject Line 4. Engaging Content That Directs You </li><li>Social Media </li><li>Connect With People Just Like You </li><li>1. FaceBook Build Network 2. YouTube Shoot Videos 3. Twitter Join Conversations </li><li>Extra Tactics 1.Change Unsold Marketing to Pre-Owned After 30 Days 2.Put your Specials Page at the Top of your Inventory 3.Why Buy From You? </li><li>Q&amp;A /toddlearsmith </li><li>Todd L Smith President ActivEngage 800-775-7358 </li><li>The </li><li>THIS PRESENTATION IS AVAILABLE ONLINE WWW.ACTIVENGAGE.COM/TODDSMITH </li></ul>