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Social networking means that the route to information is no longer linear, controlled by the manufacturers and dealers.



2. AUTOMOTIVE: UNDERSTAND AND ENGAGE WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS CONNECTED DIGITAL THERES A WORLD OF PRICELESS BRAND INTELLIGENCE OUT THERE. LETS FIND IT! Until recently, offline channel media such as TV, radio and newspapers were the main focus for marketing in the automotive industry. But times are changing. The last two years have seen major shifts in the way car consumers are behaving. Marketers are feeling the effects already; people are going online to research and discuss products and traditional brand messages are losing their grip.The figures speak for themselves:Whos turning to the Internet?80% of consumers start their car-buying research on the Internet (J.D Power & Associates)70% of consumers base their buying decisions on the opinions and experiences of othervehicle owners (Cap Gemini Ernst & Young)With the opinions of other consumers so much easier to access, and so much better organised, marketers need to rethink their strategies and address the new, empowered communities online. WHAT IS NETWORKED MEDIA? iCrossing believes that we are now living in an age of networked media. There are millions of THE LAST TWO YEARS HAVE conversations happening within social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Bebo. SEEN MAJOR SHIFTS IN THE WAYThese are just a few of the highly developed social media sites that are increasing in share value. It's not surprising, when theyre the most valuable source of up-to-the-minute brand intelligence. CAR CONSUMERS ARE BEHAVING. WANT TO BUY A CAR? YOUR FIRST STOP IS THE WEB. Developments in online social networking have meant that traditional marketing techniques have less impact on todays consumer. People base decisions less on manufacturer marketing than they used to. Social networking means that the route to information is no longer linear, controlled by the manufacturers and dealers. There are now many other ways that consumers can find, evaluate and share the information they need. WHERE ARE CUSTOMERS GETTING THEIR INFORMATION? To connect with their customers, automotive brands can tap into the array of digital media that consumers use to research and influence their purchasing decisions: FIGURE 1: SOURCE: FORRESTER UNDERSTAND THE CUSTOMER JOURNEY AND PERSONA Customers use the web to research and gather information through a unique and often carefully- considered purchase cycle. Each customer will take a different path, but search engines consistently provide the glue that holds the journey together. COPYRIGHT 2008 ICROSSING LTD 1 3. AUTOMOTIVE UNDERSTAND AND ENGAGE WITH YOUR CE: DE CUSTOMERSPeersSearchEngines WO OMSocialReviewsites NetworksForumsSpecialistinformation/Blogssites Incenttives Dealersites Marketing ActivityOEMSites FIGURE 2: WHER ARE CUSTOMERS GETTING THEIR INFOMATION?REiCrossing ha developed uni as ique quantitative and qualitative research method which aim toe ds, o provide insig ghts into both a bbrand's custome and the way tersmight engage withthat the brand m those custommers through the journey to pureirrchase, and who the influencers are within the o sector. TALK THEIR LANGUAGER TO UNDERSTAND AND WIN BACKUD When people search, they are expressing their wants and deesires in the simp plest possible wa It ay. CON NSUMERS ATTENTTION, YOUis important to understand th language that your customers use when they search for your hets NEED TO RESEARCH AND LISTEN products. TO WHAT CONSUMER AREWRS Linguistic pr rofiling helps you to mine the uniq resource of consumer searc language, and touquechd TALK ABOUT.KING map the dem mand for your br rands and produc cts.The analysis below shows ho the search tesow erms targeted by a brand can dif from those thyfferhat customers aactually use and the potential tr d lable to those wh get their researchraffic that is avail ho right. Adopti the correct la ing anguage in your digital marketing campaign is crucial to its succegess. Brand Lang guageSearch Volume h Consu umer LanguageSearch Voluumeroadster6634 convert tible 104687coupe cars1147 sports ccars87327 hatchback cars s 155 small caars4929 performance ca ars2940 fast carrs 213180 2 saloon cars124 family ccars 1147 motor vehicles 806 cars 28 800000 environmentallyy 124 green c cars2728friendly carsbiodiesel cars 186 hybrid ccars 3503 fuel efficient caars 2000 electric cars42000 buy cars39,552 cars for saler 24 46,685 Total Volume53,668 Total Voolume3,5006,186TABLE 1: LINGUISTIC PROFILE WHAT DOES THIS MEAN T AUTOMOTIV BRANDS? TOVE To understand and earn con nsumer attention, automotive braands need to reseearch and listen to what their cu ustomers are talk king about. Thes conversations are highly dynases amic and widespread, and can occur i the least obvio places. iCros , in ousssing provides th innovative too heols and online experience that be brands need to reesearch, listen an respond. nd 4. AUTOMOTIVE: UNDERSTAND AND ENGAGE WITH YOUR CUSTOMERSAT THE CUSTOMER ACQUISITION PHASEBe aware understand your network, the influencers and find your place within it Be active listen to your network and engage with relevant input AT THE CUSTOMER RETENTION PHASEMonitor make changes based on feedback and the success of campaigns Respond solve problems quickly and honestly Engage interact with owners and influencers by providing useful content CONSTANT CHANNEL MANAGEMENTCollect data refine the marketing process, target future programmes Connect create seamless marketing, that links all media with relevant consumers Enable dealers ensure that dealers can leverage manufacturer marketing activitiesWE MONITOR AND ANALYSE Combine the above and you're on the right track to creating a trusted brand. CUSTOMERS' UNIQUE JOURNEYS, TRACKING THE KEY HOW CAN YOU DEVELOP YOUR APPROACH? WORDS THEY USE TO HELP YOUThe key is to build a connected strategy that pulls all your digital marketing efforts together. This TARGET YOUR MARKETING WITH should be informed by insight gathered from your online network a true reflection of what GREATER PRECISION. consumers want and the issues they are discussing. This provides brands with an opportunity toengage with their customers in an authentic way. The same insight also informs digital marketing channels, including natural and paid search, aswell as display advertising. A connected approach maximises the impact of your spend andcreates the best possible return on investment.LISTEN TO AND UNDERSTAND WHAT PEOPLE WANT AND NEEDAre people interested in the environment? Who wants seduction? Who wants reliability? In adigital marketplace, marketers need a more nuanced appreciation of what individual consumersare searching for. We monitor and analyse customer journeys, tracking the key words they useto develop distinct user profiles that help you target your marketing with greater precision.HOW DO WE TRACK THEM DOWN?iCrossings tools enable us to perform in-depth analysis of your online communities. We identifythe major influencers, analyse their effect on your online brand equity and identify strategies thatyou can employ to positively influence what is going on. To allow us to map these communities,iCrossing developed NetworkSense Mapping, a proprietary mapping tool which allows us tovisualise networks and conversations taking place around brands, themes and sectors.FIGURE 3: NETWORKSENSE MAPPING This tool often reveals complex clusters of sites, which need to be deciphered carefully. Ouranalysts can help you to understand where people are spending their time online, and theconversations they're engaged in. COPYRIGHT 2008 ICROSSING LTD3 5. AUTOMOTIVE: UNDERSTAND AND ENGAGE WITH YOUR CUSTOMERSOnce relevant networks and influencers are identified, it's essential to use technology to listenand develop a framework of ongoing measurement. NetworkSense Monitoring processes suchinformation to provide an overall 'brand score', as well as easy access to individual mentions,which can also be cut by sentiment, topic, site-type or credibility. Charting options allow forscores and topics to be viewed and compared over time, both within a brand and betweenvarious brands, enabling competitor analysis.FIGURE 4: NETWORKENSE MONITORING SCREEN SHOT Finding this information, and expertly interpreting it, enables a company to monitor buzz aroundbrands, and develop their approach accordingly.WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE MAJORITY OF ATTENTION IS ELSEWHERE?As weve established, customers look in multiple places for the information they want. This isextremely healthy for your online brand. As different sites discuss your brand online, they feedyour site with credibility through links. Google rates sites in line with how relevant they are totheir online network and the more links, the more powerful your online brand will be.If automotive brands are to remain at the vanguard of worldwide recognition, then they will haveto engage intelligently with social media.TOP TIPS ON HOW TO TAP INTO YOUR BRAND'S POTENTIAL Map online consumer opinions and target campaigns accordingly Maintain awareness of a rapidly changing consumer demographic Find out whos talking about your brand; where they are, what theyre saying and what they want Pick up on conversations that mention interest in purchasing your products Monitor your brand for early warnings of brand damage, and act accordingly Engage with your networkCan you really afford to miss the opportunity to engage with consumers in this way? DUNCAN WALTERSAUTOMOTIVE MANAGER+44 (0) 1273 828 140+44 (0) 7920 068 940DUNCAN.WALTERS@ICROSSING.CO.UK COPYRIGHT 2008 ICROSSING LTD4 6. AUTOMOTIVE: UNDERSTAND AND ENGAGE WITH YOUR CE DE CUSTOMERS APPENDICE ESAs part of ou ongoing indus analysis, we regularly conduc research into topical issues. urstryct Here's some recent research on some leadin automotive br e hng rands. PORSCHEUNDERSTAND BRAND PERDINGRCEPTION WITHIN NETWORK MEDIAN iCrossings C Content & Media team analysed the conversation and networks around the launanss nch of the new P Porsche Paname scheduled fo late 2009. Netw era,or workSense Mappping and Monitooring identified live conversation within the follo ely nsowing categories mentions in social media, greens; sites, blog cconversations and automotive sites.d NetworkSen Mapping revenseealed conversations discussing t Panamera:theSocial bo ookmarking (del.i ommendation (Digg, Reddit) featu prominently in and recoure the netwo and indicate a great deal of in orknterest As expeccted, there is signnificant conversaation around the car on automoti blogs and for ive rums Interestinngly, green sites are also discuss sing the new vehi icle. Upon furthe investigation, er these connversations were seen to be focu e used on details o the Panamera hybrid drive. of sTHE PORSCH JUDICIAL REVIEWHE Faced with a proposed incre ease in congestio charges, Pors onsche instigated a judicial review t that was covered by numerous sdsites. ealed conversations discussing NetworkSen Mapping revense Porsche judicial review: SSDDS Numerou mentions within news sites, bu few linking to t Porsche site - indicating a laus uttheack of awaren ness of, or interaaction with, the site s 7. AUTOMOTIVE UNDERSTAND AND ENGAGE WITH YOUR CE: DE CUSTOMERS Many meentions within env vironmental blog and forums, dgsdiscussing issues around carbons emissions s The Porsche site is linked to by bloggers, automotive foru d ,ums and several media centres, indicating interaction with the official resogh ource Ken Livin ngstone and Trannsport for London (TFL) were agg gregating news coverage to enhacance their mes ssage Further analysis of the cooverage within auutomotive and en nvironmental blo revealed livelyogs but balan nced debate, with each 'side' sho howing considerable understandin of the other's ng views JAGUAR - XF CAR X CONVERSATI IONS AND BUZZ A AROUND THE XF CAR LAUNCH C...a beautifully ...the way the enginesculptured rear anda box co-operate ... .isend... The Sun oneo of the cars severa aldynamic standouts...dTopT Gear ...Those headlightsRid andde lo like crap...ookHa andling (5 starspeeeweeout of 5)...Whattjaaguarforums.comCa Online arIn the case of the Jaguar XF, research shows that the majority of the online activity is away fros a romthe brand's site. The diagram below shows various sites disc m cussing the Jagua XF - the larger the circle, the m armoreinfluential the site. WhatCar W Here we c see that WhatCar is receivin roughly double the attention of the Jaguar UK site canng e o Jalopnik is highly influential, as it often brreaks car spy sho and industry newsots The relatiively new XF site has already gained half as much popularity with social media ase hin a the main Jaguar domain. 8. AUTOMOTIVE: UNDERSTAND AND ENGAGE WITH YOUR CUSTOMERSABOUT ICROSSINGiCrossing, formerly known as Spannerworks in the UK, is a global digital marketing companythat combines talent and technology to help world-class brands find and connect with theircustomers. The company blends best-in-class marketing services - including paid and naturalsearch marketing, social media, content and media, display advertising, user experience, webdevelopment and analytics and insight - to create integrated digital marketing programs thatengage consumers and drive ROI. iCrossing clients include world-class brands such as TheCoca Cola Company, HBOS, TUI and Virgin. Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, the companyhas 620 employees in 15 offices in the US and Europe, including 110 employees in the UK. Find out more at or contact us on +44 (0)1273 828100 iCrossing Limited22 Chapter Street LondonSW1P 4NP Tel: +44(0)1273 828100Fax:+ 44(0)20 8433 70551 Palace Place Brighton BN1 1EF Tel: +44 (0)1273 828100Fax: +44 (0)1273 828101 COPYRIGHT 2008 ICROSSING LTD7


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