Augmented Reality: Connect and Engage Using New Touchstone Technology

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Presetned at PRSA Digital Impact Conference June 28, 2013 #PRSADIConf - Augmented Reality lets you overlay digital images and information on smartphone screens or computer monitors. But Augmented Reality is more than catchy 3-D graphics. Successful marketers use it to connect to people’s social networks and provide incentives for their purchases. In this session, you’ll learn how this technology layers mobile commerce, social networking and location-based advertising for consumers and brands.

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2. HELLO LYNNE D JOHNSON Content & Community Strategy Consultant @lynneluvah 3. What Is Augmented Reality? 4. We All Know About This 5. But What About This? 6. AR augments the real world environment with virtual information improving peoples senses and skills. - Ronald Azuma, A Survey of Augmented Reality 7. Why Should We Care? 8. The seminal promise of AR is as the touchstone technology allowing social networks, geo-based tracking, and the semantic web to converge. In its bridging of social channels with local search functionality in a mobile framework (SoLoMo - Social Local Mobile) has been where consumer adoption of these AR technologies has seen a lot of lift. AR Enhances Mobile Experiences 9. Annual revenues generated by mobile AR applications and services are expected to approach $1.5 billion by 2015, up from less than $2 million in 2010. Juniper Research 10. More than 2.5 billion AR apps to be downloaded to smartphones and tablets per annum by 2017, with games accounting for the largest share of downloads. Juniper Research 11. How Is It Done? 12. Spectrum Of AR 13. 14. Qualcomm Vuforia And thats only one software platform 15. Awareness: Explore The World Around You 16. Engagement: Kelloggs Brings Cereal Boxes To Life In celebration of the release of The Amazing Spider-Man movie, Kelloggs & Marvel teamed up with Aurasma to bring more than 80 million Kelloggs cereal boxes to augmented life. 17. eCommerce: Converse Sampler 18. POS: Home Depot In-Store 19. Lifestyle: Find A Job 20. Novelty Interactive Storytelling Increases Engagement Virality Metrics Benefits Of AR For Brands 21. ROI Of AR For Brands Start-up record label in China placed images with markers around city People held phones to markers to listen to songs and read profiles of music artists Loads of sharing of music on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter More than half of total 14 bands sold out their music Won 2010 Gold Lion at Cannes in Direct Marketing category Partnered with magazine to offer 3D experience with Acer Aspire 5738D 70% of those who went to site chose to live the experience 13% purchased compared to industry average website conversion 0.5% 22. ROI Of AR Launched AR site to drive bookings of 10 U.S. cities , supported by print media buy Put marker to screen to view 3D city, get weather, events, and other up-to-date info Interactivity included taking your picture to send to friends, making sounds to create actions like fireworks, or renaming the Hollywood sign Web traffic jumped 26%, bookings 36%, and loyalty program registrations 32% Marker wrist bracelet launched for web and Selfridges store window 3D experience Hold wrist marker up to camera on computer or in window display to try on watches In-store sales rose by 85% 23. But 24. Barriers To AR Adoption 25. For Consumers 1. Ease of Use 2. Provide Utility 3. Engaging Experiences 26. For Marketers and Communications Pros 1. Marketing Awareness Potential 2. ROI 27. Whats Ahead? 28. 12% of Americans about 21.6 million would buy Google Glass if it were available in stores right now. Forrester Research 29. Well Go From Devices 30. To Deviceless 31. THANK YOU