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  • 1.Online Fundraising: Strategies, Best Practices & Case Studies James Appleyard CEO + Chairman

2. When did the Internet begin for you? 3. The Internet Resulted from Search for a Solution to a Cold War Problem Risk that Soviets would launch nuclear weapons & knock out the US phone network needed to create redundant military communications system 4. The Web: Bottom of the Food Chain for Gossip & Worse? 5. How can this place be good? How can good people spend time in this place? 6. This is NOTabout TECHNOLOGY. 7. This is about TECHNOLOGY helping charities supporters tell THE STORIES THAT MATTER 8. The faster things change... 9. ...the more people are the same People are BUSY People give to people they know Great stories cause people to take action 10. Without fundraising there are no programs. The less we spend on it the less money there is for programs we need to "de-criminalize fundraising. Dan Pallotta 11. Fundraisers Challenge #1 Traditional Fundraising Channels: Expensive, Invasive, Declining 12. Fundraisers Challenge #2 Greater-than-Ever Competition for Donors In a Weak Economy 13. How Much Are Canadians Giving, How Are They Giving and How Has This Changed in the Digital World? 14. Q12. Over the last year, have you donated to a charity you had never given money to before? Q13. What was the main reason why you donated to this charity? Main Reasons for Donating to New Charity 24%24% Friend/acquaintance/familyFriend/acquaintance/family member asked me tomember asked me to donatedonate 16%16%Particular charity does goodParticular charity does good workwork 16%16%Charity asked me to donateCharity asked me to donate 12%12%Affected by the work they doAffected by the work they do 10%10%Memoriam GiftMemoriam Gift 15. Interest in Donating Online Interested Neutral Not Interested Q8. To what extent, if at all, are you interested in having the ability to make a financial donation online to a charity or non-for- profit of your choice? Please use the following 7-point scale 41% of donors who are interested in donating online have not done so before 16. Who undertakes an important fundraising event(s) such as a run, walk, climb, shave, gala, or telethon? Who has a website that supports online participant registration for those events, AND peer-to-peer fundraising in support of these events? Who undertakes fundraising WITHOUT an event? How much of your fundraising income comes via the web today; who has an organizational target for it? 17. e-25 18. Thought: If you have a successful fundraising event build on its strengths 19. Every donation made online saves The Terry Fox Foundation 80 cents in administrative costs helping to keep 87 cents of every dollar raised going to cancer research. Please use this pledge sheet to complement your online efforts. Online Donations Rose 50%+ y-o-y in a mature event 20. Terry Fox Run - Lessons Learned You really CAN move donors from offline to online. (72% of Canadian & 63% of U.S. donors have now made a donation online) Pledge sheets & cheques will never go away Use existing points of contact to inspire new behaviour 21. Thought: Identify your Contagious Supporters 22. The study of Epidemics shows that disease spread unevenly Some individuals are particularly contagious What if instead of a cough or a sneeze the contagion spreads through requests for support? 23. David Walliams - 10h 34m - - 35km - 1 million Not all digital fundraisers are created equal 24. Actual Artez Client Event 2008 2009 % Change # Fundraisers Registered 381 606 +50% # Teams 28 42 +50% $ e-Gifts (Average) $507,365 ($152) $1,221,750 ($152) +63% # e-Gifts 3,961 9,676 +64% # Participants with 1+ online sponsors 263 457 +74% Average # of e-Gifts / Fundraiser 14.8 20.9 +41% Ave $ e-Gifts / Fundraiser $1,942 $3,668 +89% Top 10 Fundraisers $278,082 $452,112 +63% Contagion Metrics 25. Thought: Events raise lots of $$ online but the possibilities dont end there 26. How to (pretty much) climb Everest without leaving town and raise a mountain of cash for sick kids 27. Launched in 2007 as corporate team event, online 2007 2009: custom-built online interface for registration & entering steps but no peer-to-peer fundraising pages Key issues ongoing website glitches & problems impacting on retention and participant & donor satisfaction; weak fundraising outcomes 28. Financial Results 2007 2008 2009 Fundraising income* $39,215 $53,532 $65,578 *excludes registration fees + sponsorships 2010 Goals were: Improve user experience Add person to person fundraising Raise >$70,000 2010 Goals were: Improve user experience Add person to person fundraising Raise >$70,000 29. 2010 Solution Everest microsite built in new Joomla CMS Artez for peer-to-peer fundraising with custom elements designed by Homemade Digital in the UK to build Stepping into existing personal pages add social media sparkle 30. Actual Results Total fundraising $130,000 (goal was $70,000) 216 Facebook app users; 198 iPhone users more choices for supporters than ever 1,100 unique visitors to brisbanetimes scoreboard great exposure for their key sponsor 31. Lessons o Test, test, test be flexible & quick on your feet o Will supporters acquired from the web eventually be contacted through snail mail? If so, consider Address Verification (AVS) o Rewards motivate online participants o Dont forget the potential of the long tail 32. Thought: Even if you dont have a fundraising event or campaign Set-up a Fundraise Now Button 33. Empower supporters through Community Fundraising 34. Its Your Fundraisers Choice 35. Board Member Fundraising 36. What is Alternative Giving? Fund a Sponsor a Give a Adopt a 37. Tangible Impacts Its about hope, and showing people how their actions can have a direct & tangible impact Its about hope, and showing people how their actions can have a direct & tangible impact 38. Tribute Donations Online CDN$124,270 raised online from this one tribute page 39. Thought: Be Where Your Supporters Are Heading Now 40. Once againthe phone is the NEXT BIG thing! 41. 2 BILLION people will use the INTERNET this month BUT 5 BILLION will have a MOBILE PHONE in 2011. 42. 3 Legs of Mobile Donations 1. Text to Give 2. Secure Mobile Browser 3. Applications (Apps) 43. Mobile Web Donations PayPal Express Checkout allows donors to quickly log into their PayPal accounts & transfer funds without entering credit card information 44. Event Listing on App Store The Artez App for iPhone The Artez App for iPhone 45. Get Sponsors Event participants can access iPhone address books to quickly email friends & family Sharing On Social Networks A fully-integrated way to share fundraising goals & messages on Twitter & Facebook Donate Now Users can pass their iPhone to a friend & ask them to make a secure donation on the spot 46. Add mobile donations to existing campaigns Direct your mobile web donors straight to your secure mobile donation form through strategies such as: QR code, SMS messages (with consent!), or email 47. Over $85,000 raised in 3 weeks >1,700 donors >700 blogs linked to Pim's fundraising page Funds Raised By Year $- $10,000 $20,000 $30,000 $40,000 $50,000 $60,000 $70,000 $80,000 $90,000 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 Every year, Food Bloggers from all over the world join together for a fundraising campaign. We call it 'Menu for Hope'. Last year, we raised $60,925.12 for the UN World Food Program. This year Menu for Hope 4 again raises funds to support the WFP. Specifically, the amount we raise will go to support the school lunch program in Lesotho, Africa. New Types of Social Media Campaigns: Blog-Based Fundraiser 48. Thought: Test, Measure, Adjust. Repeat. 49. Thought: PCI: Security & privacy for charitable supporters isnt just best practice anymore now its a must 50. Top 6 Barriers to Donating Online Security Security Security Security Barriers To Online - For Those Not Interested Q9. Why is the idea of making a financial donation online less appealing to you? 51. The PCI DSS is a multifaceted security standard that includes requirements for security management, policies, procedures, network architecture, software design and other critical protective measures. This comprehensive standard is intended to help organizations proactively protect customer account data. 52. Thought: Focus on your mission & outsource what you can 53. A Bit More About Artez Toronto-based, 45 employees; Were in Australia, UK & EU, US & Canada Most affordable among top-tier, global solutions SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) Model High Security PCI level 1 compliant Client success 90%+ annual client retention 54. Online Donation Toolkit One time Monthly/ Recurring Tribute Mobile Fundraising PayPal App for Android Artez App for iPhone Mobile Optimized Pages Mobile Communicator Social Network Fundraising Register Fundraise Donate Extend Brand Awareness Partner Programs Memorial Donations Handler QAS Address Verification Preferred Payment Gateways Cornerstone (Canada) Rapidata (UK) ASI (Global) Artez SecureClou d Platform Artez Consulting Customization Web design & development Project management Artez Extensions Raisers Edge Data Connector Salesforce Connector Shop for a Cause Merchandise Alternative Gifts Event tickets 55. Were proud of our clients...big & small 56. many thanks! See you next time