Artas Bartas: Baksheesh Confidential. Lessons learnt from tracking Petty Bribes

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Artas' Präsentation zum betterplace labtogether 2013

Text of Artas Bartas: Baksheesh Confidential. Lessons learnt from tracking Petty Bribes

  • 1. Baksheesh Confidential Lessons Learnt from Tracking Petty BribesDigital fr Sozial, Berlin 31 Oct, 2013

2. Were Bribespot 3. How it works23 1 45 4. How it works Anonymous Remove names Anti-SPAM Security framework Community tips 5. How it works 6. Traditional approach to PA campaigns 7. Bribespot in Thailand 8. What is a bribe? 9. What is a bribe?Identifying a bribe is straightforward Plenty of ambiguous situations People are open to educating themselves 10. On whose side is the Government? 11. On whose side is the Government?Government will be reluctant/hostile No formal cooperation Fighting petty bribe is welcomed 12. People power? 13. People power?Ordinary users would support us Heard many criticisms from left & right Reactions depend on peoples expectations about corruption 14. Expats are your friends 15. Expats are your friends Expats would welcome our service Yes!Reaching expats is harder than one thinks 16. Media attention means more users? 17. Media attention means more users?Media coverage will bump up report #s Reading about it using itEffective stories show ho to apply the service rather than talk about tech 18. Got localization? 19. Got localization? Our service should be localized Absolutely!Localization is much harder than one expects & is an ongoing thing 20. Mobile beats desktop? 21. Mobile beats desktop? Mobile usage will outpace desktop usage Browsing 48% vs. 52%, reporting 47% vs.53% Focus on places with lots of smartphones 22. Notes for the Future 23. Notes for the Future Focus on countries w/ high smartphone penetration Work w/ small communities rather than general audienceCooperate with NGOs already working on specific issues Target audiences with less tolerance for status quo Use Bribespot platform for education 24. @bribespot 25. Images used courtesy of: Jon in Thailand Ramon Sanchez Orense Lord Tongy Carakrater Eski Fresh Dachs