Apptha launches native mobile apps for video sharing site!!

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1. Apptha Launches Native Mobile Apps for Video Sharing Site!! Apptha, the storehouse of extensions and themes for popular CMS recently launched a native mobile app for video sharing sites called Tube+. This is a readymade iPhone & Android app for video sharing websites, which can be easily integrated to your video sharing site. Simply purchase the app, submit it to your apple store/ android market, get approval and start displaying. Just by installing your app for one time, your users can enjoy your music portal for lifetime. The conception of video sharing portals is widely appreciated by all, specifically by those who share a common interest in music. This provides a wide platform for sharing the favorite videos, connecting with all music geeks and enjoys sharing the web space with the like-minded. The success of video sharing websites is its clean and easy user interface and its ability to displays quality video in seconds. The more added facilities of video sharing scripts like bookmarking, social sharing, newsletter facility, video embedding, upload and download favorite videos make the video sharing site a hot spot for music related services. The dramatic increase in the iPhone and Android powered mobile users has craved the mobile application development a significant segment in the web development industry. The efficiency of these internet powered handsets forces each online entrepreneur to provide a mobile compatible website because all smart phone users try to access the internet via their phones. If you ignore to give a mobile ready website, you are losing a huge amount of potential audiences. The Benefits of Tube+ => An instant iPhone and Android app for the entire video sharing scripts => Works best for Clip Bucket, ClipShare, PHP motion, PHP melody, Contus HD VideoShare, Wordpress Video Gallery. =>Uncluttered display of videos. Quality display of video categories such as Featured videos, related videos with clear audio and video output, optimizing itself to 2. the tiny screen. =>Brand the app with your own logo Fast loading. =>Engage social sharing with email and facebook share features. =>Hassle-Free Submission process- If you have purchased the iPhone app, submit the app to your apple store account for approval. For Android app, simply submit the app to your android market account. =>Customization-friendly The app is customizable as per your requirement for enhancement purpose. By providing a mobile ready video sharing site, you succeed to enthrall your music lovers. The facility to access your site even on the go excites them. Explore the opportunity to provide a mobile ready video sharing site with the ready to use app from Apptha. Apptha is another promising venture of Contus. With the ambition of providing high quality products, we keep researching on whats next? Such extensive research has resulted in outcome of various exclusive products. Our team with vast technical knowledge, creativity and passion always maintains to keep up the promise of delivering the best. We grab all favorable circumstances and edge it to the enhancement of overall development. Understanding the CMS popularity, we have come up with various extensions and themes for these CMS. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Phone: +1 718 717 2229, Web: your-video-sharing-website