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<ul><li>1.Application Window </li></ul> <p>2. After opening a chosen program, a window will appear. A window is a rectangular area, which is framed by a border that displays data, programs, files, documents, or information about the application 3. What are the Main Parts of an Application Window 4. 6 1 2 3 4 5 7 8 1. Application Icon 2. Title bar 3. Minimize Button 4. Maximize Button 5. Close Button 6. Menu Bar 7. Border 8. Scroll Bar 5. Application Icon This is the icon that represents the program. It has a menu that displays commands used to control the window. 6. Title Bar This part of the window shows the name of the program and filename. 7. Menu Bar This is found below the title bar. It contains option or commands that can be used when working with the program. 8. Minimize Button This reduces the window into small button on the task bar. 9. Maximize Button This enlarges the window to its fullest size on the screen. 10. Close Button This exits or closes an application window. 11. Border This can be resized by dragging with your mouse pointer. 12. Scroll Bar This allows you to see the text or object that you cannot see on your window. Using your mouse, you can drag the scroll bar upward, downward, or sidewards. </p>