Apple and BlackBerry Pies: Which Tastes Good?

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Text of Apple and BlackBerry Pies: Which Tastes Good?

  • 1. Apple and BlackBerry Pies:Which Tastes Good?

2. When someone cooks pie at home, you can imagine the aroma gliding throughthe air, enticing your senses. Pies are always a treat. Especially when it ishomemade, these delectable pies are filled with love. They never fail to keepthose smiles and fill the tummy with good stuff. Pies are part of what we eat.No matter what the flavor is, pies will always be good. But, which flavors arebetter in the smartphone industry? Would you sell BlackBerry phones or areyou attracted to its fragrant aroma? Or will Apples pies prove to be better thanwhat BlackBerry phones can offer? Which pie tastes better in the industry? Willit be the BlackBerry pie or the Apple pie?With different flavors come different outcomes. This analogy applies to Applesand BlackBerry phones. What makes these phones different? Heres a good listof what makes both pies different in their own right:Email ServiceThe BlackBerry pie tastes better in this example. RIMs phones are alwaysknown for their services in this genre. The BBM is fast and reliable. In addition,BlackBerry offers a multitude of email services especially the MicrosoftExchange that allows email to be downloaded immediately. The LED isprogrammed to indicate that a new email has arrived. Apples iPhones take 15minutes before the new email actually arrives on your phone. So, its not thatconvenient to check your iPhone from time to time. 3. Entertainment MultimediaApples iPhone has a stronger aroma for this one. The iPhone is built for this.The amazing specs and large display screens make this a multimedia phone.BlackBerry phones may have better pictures than iPhones but thats all.In multimedia, iPhones are considered one of the best out there. This is onegood reason to sell your BlackBerry phones.Typing WritingThe iPhone has an all-touch QWERTY but BlackBerrys actual QWERTY keypad isa plus, with the exception of the Storm models. BlackBerrys give you an actualfeel of typing, which is also convenient so that you can actually know what keysyoure hitting. You dont have to learn typing on a virtual keyboard. However, itreally depends on which you prefer. Nevertheless, were just saying what feelsbetter.AppearanceBased on appearance, both gadgets can catch someones attention. However, itseems that iPhones have a sleeker, more sophisticated, and hip look than theBlackBerrys. The BlackBerry phones have formal and sophisticated designs butthe iPhone has a more modern look. With the silver coating, the iPhone is asure head turner over the BlackBerry. However, everything boils down topersonal taste. 4. User-friendlyAgain, both smartphones are ergonomic and easy enough to use. Even thoughiPhone gets the award for being the most user-friendly phone, BlackBerrycovers a different market in the smartphone industry. The business people andexecutives find BlackBerrys easy to use. They even have shortcut keys to bringuser-friendliness to a higher level. There are features thatonly BlackBerryphones can offer; thus the preference of the corporate world for Blackberry piesover Apple pies. Apples smartphones take the younger audience with their all-purpose multimedia-built iPhones, which can be a good reason for selling yourBlackBerrys.Source: