Android: How to upgrade version in Smart phone or Tablet

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This presentation will show you how to upgrade your android OS version in your smart phone, Table or any other android devices. If you are really interested in upgrading your device then please take a backup of your phone first then proceed. So please watch the presentation carefully and employ in your android device. You also first check the version of your android os. If the version is not latest then only you can proceed. The steps may be differing a little in different android devices, so please employee your common sense to understand the subtle difference.

Text of Android: How to upgrade version in Smart phone or Tablet

  • How to update version in Android smart phone or Tablet If you have android Smartphone or tablet and you want to update to latest version then follow the presentation to download and install in your own device.
  • First Check your android version Apps > Settings > About phone If it doesn't, click 'Software information' to find out. Android latest version is Android is 4.4 KitKat (Till now 20th March 2014)
  • To be in the safe side, please backup your data like contacts and photos before upgrading. Privacy setting -> Backup and restore -> Back up my data
  • Now locate or navigate the Setting menu on Android device. It is generally found in app menu or notification bar in most android device. In general setting app comes with a cog or spanner logo.
  • Now scroll down the settings menu to find and click AboutPhone or About Tablet. In tabbed settings menu this option will appear in general section.
  • A menu will appear and it may be vary slightly from device to device. You must click Software Update or similar type of button. We already mentioned that you could check your device android from this menu.
  • Now your phone or other android device will search for an available update. If it takes you to another menu then select software update check button. If your device finds an available update you will be asked you to confirm wheatear you wish to install it or not. If you select yes the software will be downloaded and installed in your device. You have to reboot to notice the effect.
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