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  • Android Application Development Workshop For Getting Started Ahsanul Karim Sentinel Solutions Ltd.
  • Before Introduction
  • Before Introduction:1. Monotonous discussion should be banned
  • Before Introduction: Your Suggestions2. This could be the first phase and it should be continued.According to your feedback, we can arrange the sequels ofthis workshop:(Remember: Terminator 2 was more successful) 1. Workshops 2. Training Programs 3. Bootcamps 4. Onsite Contests with help from experienced Developers 5. Idea-based Contests with help from experienced Developers 6. Jamming Events 7. Open source projects Depends on your feedback
  • Before Introduction: Your Suggestions3. You can emphasize on learning OOPs before startingsession on Android. Because very large number of SoftwareDeveloper have no clear concept on OOP. OOP concept is indispensable. But we have to learn in parallel.4. It might get a little more interesting if the attendants areallowed to have the opportunity to play or use some of theandroid apps themselves. Can you suggest how can we do that? May be next time well try. We may review some good apps today.
  • Before Introduction: Your Suggestions5. If you give us some knowledge regarding to developingandroid software and how to post them in the androidmarket it can be helpful to us in the future. Well do that in this session6. You can give us some video about mobile applicationprogramming which can help us. Well provide you complete course content with video tutorials we did in BASIS (Bangladesh Association of Software & Information Services)
  • Before Introduction: Your Suggestions7. Consider all type of audience. Excellent suggestion. Well try that8. Discuss from technological perspective as well as business Excellent suggestion. Well try that9. Forecast about near future associated with Android. Excellent suggestion. Well try that
  • So Today 1. Get Basic Idea on Mobile and Smartphone Applications 2. Get Basic Idea on Mobile, Smartphone & Tablet Platforms 3. Identify the Position of Android Platform 4. Background and History of Android 5. Get the Idea: Why Should We Learn Android Platform 6. Opportunities 7. Some App Demos 8. System Architecture 9. Environment Setup to Kick-start 10. Application Structure 11. Resources
  • Mobile and Smartphone ApplicationsMobile PhonesA mobile phone (also called mobile, cellular telephone, cell phone,or hand phone is an electronic device used to make 1. Calls across a wide geographic area. 2. Send Text SMS 3. Can see call records 4. Can capture image 5. Can run music 6. Can browse web etc.To learn about mobile phones in details: get detailed history about how thistechnology evolved over the years
  • Mobile and Smartphone ApplicationsMobile Phone Applications: Some ExamplesCategory: Utility ToolsPersonal Finance Calculator Another example can be: Daily Planner Application Possible Features: 1. Task List 2. Reminder 3. Appointment etc.
  • Mobile and Smartphone ApplicationsMobile Phone Applications: Some Examples (Contd.)Category: GamesSudoku Tetris Snake
  • Mobile and Smartphone ApplicationsMobile Phone Applications: Development1. Different Mobile phone vendor companies use different platforms for developing applications for their own platform.2. Well discuss about a open Legacy platform as an example which is J2ME Java Platform, Micro Edition, or Java ME: 1. It is a Java platform designed for embedded systems (mobile Devices are one kind of such systems) . 2. Target devices range from industrial controls to mobile phones with Java (KVM support). Formerly known as Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME). For details:,_Micro_Edition Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and many other vendors supports J2ME for applications and games development
  • Mobile and Smartphone ApplicationsMobile Phone Applications: Development With J2MELimitations1. Memory Issues 1. Vendor Specific Implementation 2. Insufficient Memory 3. Inefficient Memory Management2. Device Compatibility Issues3. Not enough Access to Core System of the Phone4. Vendor Specific Implementation of KVMThat is whyWe see sites like this:
  • Mobile and Smartphone ApplicationsSmart Phones1. A smartphone is a mobile phone that offers more advanced computing ability, Features and connectivity than a contemporary mobile phones.2. Smartphones may be thought of as handheld computers integrated with a mobile telephone.3. They also provide their own Operating System with Application Development Framework To learn about smart phones in details: Youll get detailed history about how this technology evolved over the years
  • Mobile and Smartphone ApplicationsSmart Phones Platforms Android iPhone BlackBerry Palm Pre
  • Mobile and Smartphone ApplicationsTablet Platforms Android: Galaxy Tab Apple: iPad
  • Overview of Application Platforms (alphabetically)Platform Language (s) RemarksAndroid Java, C, C++ Open Source OS (Based on Linux) C, C++ Samsungs mobile platform running on Linux or RealTime OS http://developer.bada.comBlackBerry Java, Web Apps Java, Web Apps, Java ME compatible, extensions enable tighter integration Objective-C, C Requires Apple Developer Account Qt, C++, others Intel and Nokia guided open source OS (based on Linux) C, C++, Java, Qt, OS built from the ground up for mobile devices Web Apps, others
  • Overview of Application Platforms (Cont.)Platform Language (s) RemarkswebOS HTML, CSS, Supports widget style programming (based on Linux) JavaScript, C http://developer.palm.comWindows C#, C .NET CF or Windows Mobile API, most devices shipMobile with Java ME compatible JVM http://developer.windowsmobile.comWindows C#, VB.NET Silverlight, XNA FrameworksPhone Source:
  • Application Platforms
  • Why Android T h e y s a y a p i c t u r e i s wo r t h
  • Why Android (Cont.) T h e y s a y a p i c t u r e i s wo r t h
  • Why Android (Cont.)
  • Why Android (Cont.)
  • Why Android (Cont.)
  • Why Android (Cont.)
  • Why Android (Cont.)
  • Why Android (Cont.)
  • Why Android: Google TV
  • Why Android: Finally BlackBerry Gives In
  • Open Handset Alliance (Nov 2007) Manufacturers: Designing the Android HandsetsContent Providers: Developing Apps Mobile Operators Markets: Distribution
  • Why Android (Cont.) What about ASIA-Pacific region??? Low cost devices from China manufacturers $96 Android devices