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Android application development offer the developers liquid layout. Together with its help the dimensions and elements of the application adjusts the screen size and resolutions immediately and also set themselves as required.


  • 1. Android App Developers can furthermore Design Several Layouts for the purpose of Distinct Display screen SizesGraphic building for Android app development is comparatively more complicated. Let usface the fact. The reason behind this is actually that in many of the smartphones operateon Android os. The display screen dimension and measurements are diverse for anysmartphone. When building graphics for Android phone, Android application developershave to look at this issue. It is actually difficult for Android application developers tosatisfy the expectations of almost all Android customers operating apps on various unitshaving distinct screen dimensions and also densities. Android application developmentgives a development environment that aids developers to fulfill this difficulty.Android application developers shouldnt build applications having fixed-width layouts.For Android app development, designing fluid layout is generally more effective. This isonly due to the fact liquid layouts can expand so as to suit in the width of browser as wellas mobile screen. Android app development allows for developers with liquid layouts.Along with its support, layout dimensions plus things of the app instantly grasps thescreen dimension and also adjust their dimension accordingly. LinearLayout,FrameLayout and lots of this sort of liquid layouts are supplied by android appdevelopment. It is actually upto developer what layout he would probably want to utilizeholding the needs of the application graphics in mind.Android app developers must carefully grasp the concept of pixels and Density Pixels(DP). Commonly transformation between pixels plus DP changes according to the displayscreen dimensions and also resolutions. Density Independent Pixel is the innovativedevelopment that Google Android creates for developers. With DIP, the conversion rate ofpixel to DP is managed constant whether or not the dimensions and also resolutions of
  • 2. the display screen alter. The Android apps now works on big, medium as well as smallscreen with similar picture quality. Android developers need to create three units ofgraphics for Hi Density Screens, Medium Density Screens as well as Low Density Screens.This action will help them to run their application on products acquiring various displayscreen dimensions.An additional handy method for producing application for different mobile devices is togenerate various layouts for several screen sizes. In many of the cases the layout of theapp is quickly resized by Android according to the display screen dimensions. At timeswhen this automatic resizing doesnt occur, the consumer needs to by hand set up theresolutions of the app according to the screen size. The consumers are presented togetherwith the selections such as small, normal, large as well as xlarge for setting up theresolution. Take for instance when a consumer would like to choose standard screen size,she can pick it from layout-normal.Many of the developers develop the graphics of their applications in PNG, JPG or GIFformats which are not quite scalable. Applications constructed in these types of formatsare certainly not scaled by Android. In this sort of situation, compatibility mode becomeswise selection for Android app developers. It is advisable to use XML defined drawablesand also nine-patch bitmaps which is really a PNG file created specially for extendingimages.Numerous display screen size should be no challenge for Android Apps Developer whendevelopers already are presented with many choices by Android app development totackle the problem. So as to achieve to massive audience, Android applicationdevelopment organizations expect developers to understand these methods. Developersdont need to be worried about the numerous display screen size while creatingapplication once they learn these methods.