Amplexor Seminar - EMC Documentum - KBC case

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Amplexor Seminar - EMC Documentum - KBC case by Jan De Greef and Gino Vicari

Text of Amplexor Seminar - EMC Documentum - KBC case

  • 1. Gino Vicari - KBC Jan De Greef - Amplexor eLegacy

2. 30/04/2014 2 eLegacy Services Trust Life-rent Legacy Heritage 3. Paperless office No more fixed office desks Improve efficiency Faster access to information Quicker response time Faster throughput Less FTEs 30/04/2014 3 Business Case 4. Build vs Apple approach (50% fit) vs xCP Typical case management RAD tool / building blocks Fast POC / demo Thumbnail previews Low evolutionary maintenance cost Good support by presales EMC 30/04/2014 4 Why xCP 2.0 ? 5. 30/04/2014 5 eLegacy Overview EMC Documentum xCP2.0 application Scanning & Fax KOFAX Mail application Lotus Notes Manual Upload & editing Mainframe Dossier creation & update 6. 30/04/2014 6 Demo Send mail to monitored mailbox with smart reference and attachments Treat incoming mail from task list Create new document / reply with use of template Search case files (dossier) & View case files Create new case file Search documents and Browse through folder structure Manage application: specific role manages choice lists, templates, 7. 30/04/2014 7 Demo 8. 30/04/2014 8 Demo Summary Integrations with scanning, fax, e-mail, mainframe Automatic document dispatching based on smart reference (CIS) Document and dossier centric application Role based user interface Managing (interdependent) choice lists by application managers Dossier- and document searching / filtering including facets Dossier- and document creation Relations between documents and / or dossiers 9. 30/04/2014 9 Lessons Learned Requirement analysis still paramount Workshops and POCs very valuable Beware of iterrative approach => stimulates business creativity Documentum expertise required for server setup Heavy refactor => minimal effort Very productive after initial learning period 0% code is not just sales talk 10. 30/04/2014 10 xCP2.1: Improvements Type adoption: import existing types Type fragments: use of common properties and behaviour Page fragments: reuse parts of pages Alerts and alert queries: uses historical data (BAM) UI events: indirect communication between pages Session parameters Custom action flows: create your own wizzard Process debugging and Process versioning Preview mode: verify your changes locally before deploying Drag&Drop and seamless editing xCP Rest services: integration with mobile apps, 11. 30/04/2014 11 Questions