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AMA Twitter for Marketers, June 16, 2010, Chicago delivered by Bernie Borges.


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Twitter for MarketersBernie BorgesJune 16, 20101

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1GoalsLearn how to use twitter in productive and measurable ways in business.Understand the rules of engagement. Minimize mistakes.Maximize positive results.

marketingpower.comInsert into twitter

2ExpectationsLearn what is Twitter and why it is so popularDesign and launch a Twitter profileLearn how to develop a profitable content strategy on TwitterTwitter etiquette, rules of engagement and community-building best practices that increase engagement and relationships that spread your great content and messaging across the webUse Twitter for corporate brandingTools and techniques to expand, manage and measure your branding efforts through TwitterIntegrating Twitter into other social networks e.g. Facebook, LinkedInJoin and follow Twitter conversations, respond appropriately to comments and how to use Twitter while attending an event or conferenceIntegrate Twitter into all other aspects of your marketing strategiesPage 3marketingpower.com3Skills to AcquireThe social networking mindset.The content marketing mindsetThe habit of Tweeting daily.How to engage with people and other brands.How to build your personal and company brand.How to maintain and manage your profile, followers and following.How to measure and refine results.Page 4marketingpower.comAgendaIntroductionGetting StartedTwitter BasicsSome Top Notch Management ToolsGetting the Most Out of TwitterMeasuring Your ROI 5marketingpower.comSection OneIntroductionWhat Is TwitterHistorySetting and Measuring Goals


marketingpower.comWhat Is Twitter?Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service that allows you to efficiently share ideas, thoughts and content in 140 characters or lessTwitter is one of the 50 most popular websites on the webTwitter is aboutSpreading contentMaking connectionsBuilding relationshipExpanding brandThe result can beDriving trafficIncreasing leadsGenerating revenuePage 7

marketingpower.comContent of TweetsPointless babble 41% Conversational 38% Pass-along value 9% Self-promotion 6% Spam 4% News 4%

7Twitter History - per hour on TweeSpeed

A Little History

Page 8marketingpower.com

8Before We BeginWhat Are Your Objectives?What is your company or clients mission?What do you(they) want to accomplish?Who are your target audiences and subgroups?How well do you know them?What is important to them?

Connect what you want to accomplish with what is important to your audience

9marketingpower.comGoalsMetricsExampleSetting and Measuring GoalsSource: Facebook Marketing an Hour a Day. #Note change facebook after tweaks10Section TwoGetting StartedSetting Up Your ProfileSettingsAccountPasswordMobileNoticesProfileDesignConnections

11marketingpower.com11 Author of Marketing 2.0, Social Media advocate, Inbound Marketing Agency CEO, Blogger, Podcaster, Speaker, Entrepreneur that left my heart in Silicon Valley. On Twitter since Sept of 2007Focuses on quality of followersTweets dailyEngages and shares great content

12A Twitter Profile


12Setting Up a ProfileEmail addresses must be different if you are setting up a personal and business profile.Hint: Create a specific Gmail account for your Twitter profile to avoid clogging up your email.

Page 13marketingpower.comhttp://www.twitter.com13SettingsAccountFill in the basics.Add location?Protect my tweets?

PasswordUse to change password

Page 14marketingpower.comLocation?By turning on this feature, you can include location information like neighborhood, town, or exact point when you tweetProtect my Tweets? Do not use if your objective is branding14SettingsMobileAdd your mobile number to start verification process

Page 15marketingpower.comSettingsNoticesUnless you choose a 3rd party app that offers auto-follow feature you will need to receive emails when someone chooses to follow you to accept.

Page 16marketingpower.comSettingsProfileHint: Keep image less than 72kBe sure to add a URLCan be your websiteCan be your blogCan be Facebook or LinkedIn profileBio160 charactersUse keywords for SEO valueMake it interesting

Page 17marketingpower.comSettingsDesignCustomize your background to reflect your personality or brandSelect Change background imageCan upload any imageMax 800k1600px wide X 1200px tallChange design colorsCan customize your colorsMore options

Page 18marketingpower.comSettingsdesignA few more background options:

Page 19marketingpower.comSettingsListing of 3rd party apps that you have given permission to connect to your Twitter profileSome 3rd party apps allow you to use different passwordKeep a listToggle Revoke Access

Page 20marketingpower.comManaging connections add slide20Common Twitter Shortcuts@username Sends reply to individual, but in public timelined username Sends private, direct message to individualRT = Retweet Forwarding someone elses tweet# (hashtag) Used with a keyword/topic to create streams (#AMAtweet)Twitter Stream Use of a specific hashtag, e.g. #FF (follow Friday) to follow a particular conversationSO Shout Out Using @username to thank, call attention to, etc

Page 21marketingpower.com21What is a Twitter Stream?A tweeter stream uses a # hashtag to identify streams of conversation based on an event, topic or person What the Hash Tag TweetUpA pre-defined time to tweet about a specific topic or eventOur Twitter stream #AMAtweet



22 media guru, communications and emerging technology consultant, speaker and author

Generously shares his knowledgeTransparentEasily engages with his communitiesOver 58,000+ returns on Google search for Chris Brogan


marketingpower.com http://newmarketinglabs.com

23Section ThreeTwitter BasicsWho To FollowContent StrategyBrand StrategyTweeting EtiquetteA Few Things Twitter Can and Cannot DoTwitter Lists

24marketingpower.comDefining Who To FollowIdentify Your Target Audiences and SubGroupsThink in terms of what associated groups are important to your audience that connect to (touch) your product or servicePage 25marketingpower.comDevelop Your Content StrategyIts social media not shouting media - Align your business objectives with your audiences interests and needs Then develop content that addresses them not youShare your content using URL shortenersBlog postsWhite PapersPictures or 3rd party app like HootSuite or TweetDeckVideos YouTubeShare other peoples contentBlogs, articles, pictures, videosRetweet other peoples content 26marketingpower.com 26THEN Develop Your Brand StrategyIts social medianot shouting media

Listen to your audience and learnCreate tweets that are interesting to themMore information and less advertorial Building trust and authority builds relationships that will ultimately translate into revenueDeliver content around the 3 Es (educate, enlighten, entertain)


marketingpower.com Financial planner, entrepreneur, philanthropist, innovator, social media extraordinaire cutting edge video to create interest with followersShares great contentDoesnt shout his business model but draws interest by delivering great content to his audienceOver 13,000 returns on Google search for Richard Bejah



28Tweeting Etiquette and Guidelines Be Consistent Spread your tweets outDo not send out multiple tweets at the same time allow at least 7 minutes between tweetsBe SocialAcknowledge through shout-outs (@name) those that retweet your content and shout out (SO) to youFollow back those that follow you (except for bots, spammer or inappropriate)Make it a point to follow others proactivelyShout out tweeters that consistently post good contentIgnore Spam and BotsException RSS feeds with great content that can be re-tweetedReport SpammersTarget Your ContentTrack your most influential followers and retweet their contentUse #hashtags to start and follow topical conversation streamsUse to track keyword conversationsShow personalityespecially with your brandsThink of your tweets as headlinesThink of your tweets as short bursts of a relevant thought

Page 29

Hint: It is called social media not shouting mediamarketingpower.comhttp://search.twitter.com29

Its about themA little reminderKeep your objectives in the forefront butFocus on the interests of your target audiences and subgroups. Then create tweets and retweet content that will engage and generate interaction.

30marketingpower.comWhy Are Lists and Why Are They Valuable?Twitter lists are viewed by everyone following youOrganize groups and followersManage influential followersFollow back those that have listed youUniversal search valueUse private lists for reputation managementGood chiBad chi

Page 31

marketingpower.comSo be careful in choosing names for your listsTwitter lists are viewed by everyone following you so be careful how you identify your lists.Use Twitter lists to track influential followersMaximum on any list is 500 friends (following)Avoid words such as competitor, etcCheck the lists you are on and be sure to follow back those that have listed you

31ListoriousAnything Twitter can do - an app can help Twitter do betterListorious:Is a people search toolHelps you get foundAllows you to tag your listsHelps you find influencers within your target groupsLogon to http://www.listorious.comAdd yourselfAdd your top 6 best keywordsPage 32


What is itHow do you useBuild list find lists find peopleCan you add people to list?

32 Sarasota Memorial Hospital Top 100 hospitals in US social media 18 months agoUses SM divide and conquer strategy and now includes employees as part of engagementTwitter just one aspect of social media strategyOver 8,000 returns on Google search for Sarasota Memorial


marketingpower.comUses Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Delicious, YouTube, Flickr

Note: The compete graph is for unique visitors only not all visitors as a local website that may explain it or there was something going on with their website, etc, maybe it was just redesigned

33Section FourSome Top-Notch Management ToolsHootSuiteTweetDeckSocialOomph

A Few Things Can and Cannot DoHome TabCan retweet in real time but cannot schedule a tweet for later.Can select direct messages and view Inbox or Sent.Home or Profile TabCan select and view 20 at a time who you are following and who is following you. But cannot tell who is following you back.Can view lists - view tweets from those lists and can reply but cannot retweet.Settings Tab5. Can adjust or change Twitter settings6. Can search for peoplehttp://search.twitter.com7. Can search #hashtags and keywords to find relevant tweets and twitterers to follow.


7Page 35marketingpower.comhttp://search.twitter.com35With HootSuiteyou canFollow StreamsManage tweets and view specific criteria in multiple columnsManage PeopleManage lists, followers and friends by profileStudy StatsView up to 30-days geographical summary statsIndividual tweet statsManage Settings & AssignmentsManage social networks, invite team members for profile accessAssign duties

Login http://hootsuite.comClick on confirmation email

Page 36 login


HootSuite Dashboard1) Create tweet3) Choose Profile

4) Choose now or later / save draft etc 5) Send 2) Shorten URL Active Account Columns for monitoringAdditional ToolsClick on Icon for profile details and to follow

Page 37marketingpower.com37Creating A TweetPaste URL into URL BoxClick Shrink ItWrite Tweet in front of shortened URLChoose from Twitter account if using multiple accountsWant to send out tweet more than once?Click Save buttonWish to tweet later?Click Send later and schedule date & time

123456Monitor Your Conversations by creating columns

Monitor your followers tweetsTrack, follow and respond to mentions, shout outs and direct messagesSearch, track and follow twitterers and conversations around keywords

Page 38marketingpower.com38Good HootSuite Stuff To KnowHootSuite URL shortener is and recently introduced Ht.lyHoostSuite only provides stats on tweets sent from HootSuite. Any tweets sent from or other app you may use is not measured with ow.lyClicking on profile icon offers overview of TwittererClicking on profile in this window takes you to their profile and website linkProvides useful insight into Twitterer

Page 39marketingpower.comManage people - 39What HootSuite Can Do and ResourcesPersonalized ViewMulti-Column View DemoPersonalized Tabs Demo Manage FollowersMessage DraftsCustomize URLsFile UploadSchedule TweetsTwitter ListsQuick SearchiPhone app videoTrack StatsHootSuite YouTube Channel