A study of technology adoption and usage behaviour for students in Higher Education in Institutes of Technology

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A study of technology adoption and usage behaviour for students in Higher Education in Institutes of Technology.

A study of technology adoption and usage behaviour for students in Higher Education in Institutes of Technology

Ms. Rosaleen McGough - Institute of Technology TraleeMr. Andrew Shields - Institute of Technology Tralee

Aims of the researchTo analyse student behaviour with technologyTo analyse the impact of technology in an academic settingTo determine factors that influence student usage of technologyTo establish the difficulties regarding the use of technologyTo determine predictive behaviours through data mining

Technology Enhanced LearningTechnology has become one of the biggest drivers in industry todayEducational Institutes must prepare students to be technologically advanced for the workplaceTechnology use in the classroom can help increase engagement but can also be a hindranceMore colleges are providing accredited online coursesIt is important that educators do not presume that students who use technology for social purposes will be as comfortable with technology in an academic setting

Research MethodologyBased on previous research carried out in the University of Edinburg A Survey of Undergraduate Technology Use and Attitudes (2011)An online survey was used as the data collection method, using the survey from the previous research as a framework169 responses were received, just over 5% of the student population of 3,153 students from across all years of study including post graduates.

The SampleThe highest rate of respondents came from fourth year students 28%The largest age group was 18-22 (46%)The distribution of gender was Males 53% and Females 47%Over 55% of responses came from students studying in the Computing department and Creative Media and Information Technology department86% of students who responded were Irish, 8% EU students and 6% International students (non EU)

*results show in all charts are based on the overall sample, although some students did not provide responses to all the questions

Smartphone and laptop ownership is high amongst students

Almost 40% of students spend over 5 hours a day online

Daily use of social media channels

Student confidence with the use of ICT in college is positive overall

Students have found ICT helpful in their studies

Technical competences are positively reported

Overall software competences is positive

Regular access to web facilities is low with the exception of Student Email

How students are using the Internet

Online learning

Students preference for more modules offered online

Awareness of the college referencing policy is high

Will the internet cause a rise in plagiarism

Technology in the classroom

Data mining to predict student behaviourData mining was employed to predict behaviour outcomes based on age, gender, year of study and field of studyThe aim was to identify and profile students who may not be aware of the college referencing policy and who do not access facilities such as Blackboard on a daily basis.Decision Trees using the Classification and Regression Tree (CART) method were used

ConclusionsBased on the survey results and data mining methods it is important for educational institutes to recognise that not all students are comfortable and competent with ICTSupports must be in place to assist students who struggle with ICTEducators must enforce rules regarding BYOD in the classroomInstitutions must realise that technology is another medium which can enhance learning when used appropriately

Results can help institutions plan for investment in technologyFurther research must be carried out prior to investment in online learningEducators must explore the mediums that help to engage students in subject materialData mining can help to extract knowledge which can then be turned into meaningful information to be used in strategic planning

Thank you for your timeQ&Arosaleen.mcgough2@students.ittralee.ieandrew.shields@staff.ittralee.ie


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