A deep dive to performance optimization for share point 2013 and office 365

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<p> 1. Online Conference June 17th and 18th 2015 WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM A Deep Dive to Performance Optimization for SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 2. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM Apologies for accent With Turkish blood, Dutch educated and a French speaking guy.. 3. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM Gokan Ozcifci Neoxy Consultancy Email : gokan@neoxy.be Twitter : @gokanozcifci Facebook : facebook.gokan.ms LinkedIn : linkedin.gokan.ms Gokan (for Business) is a Microsoft SharePoint MVP. MCT. MCC. I do sometimes things with SharePoint. Opinions are my own. Contact details: 4. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM What about this session? What does performance really mean? Provide some insights and tips about Performance improvements. TechNet/MSD is not always your answer. Other platforms also matters and why? Everybody has his own experience. 85 95% you already know this. 90/10 (On-Premises Cloud) 5. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM The difference in vision Azure &amp; O365 Exchange &amp; Lync + Voice Cloud Ready Windows Server Authentication and Authorization System Center 2012 ITSM / ITIL Migrations Integrations OTB Workflows Dashboards Home made applications Portals and Intranets ReportsOffice Pack Infrastructure Business Productivities. The Microsoft Expertise. A real added value. 6. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM The difference in vision Infrastructure Business Productivities. The Microsoft Expertise. A real added value. 7. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM Understand SharePoint SharePoint covers a huge set of individual technologies under the SharePoint Platform umbrella Application Domain Active Directory SQL Server Office Web Apps Server It requires time, patience and experience as its continuously changing Know when to use OOTB vs Custom Components Know your users 8. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM Understand SharePoint New Service Applications (Machine Translation) Offloaded Services: Yammer, OneDrive for Business, Office Web Apps, Workflow Manager Improved Service Applications (Fast) Not UI Bindended Services to be managed with PoSH (Subscription Management) Re-architected Service Applications (Search &amp; OWA) Different release schedule OWA can be used for other platforms like Lync, Exchange, 9. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM SharePoint is down! 10. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM What is really down? SharePoint is more than a List, Library or site. 11. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM For the business, if 12. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM For the business, if First page hit Subsequent page hits Create a site, list or library File upload (3 MB) &lt; 5 Seconds &lt; 3 Seconds &lt; 5 Seconds &lt; 5 Seconds 13. Online Conference June 17th and 18th 2015 N-Tier, N-Layer 14. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM #1 Train your Users Set measurable goals Draw a Roadmap Define and pick some pilots Choose your Site Content and Site Owners Train your users again and again 15. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM Technical Improvements 16. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM Fine-tuning Client Side Operating System. Install Latest updates. At least Windows 7. Silverlight 3. Office 2013. Antivirus. Exclude files from real-time scan for Enterprise computers: Turn off scanning: Windows Update or Automatic Update related files Windows Security files Group Policy related files SYSVOL files DFS and DHCP files 17. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM Fine-tuning Client Side Microsoft Office. Use the newest Office Version for best compatibility Microsoft Office 2010 with Service Pack 2 With KB 2553248 Microsoft Office 2007 with Service Pack 2 With KB 2583910 Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 with Service Pack 1 Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac version 12.2.9 Support ends April 9, 2013. Internet Explorer. SharePoint 2013 supports several commonly used web browsers, such as Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari. However, certain web browsers could cause some SharePoint 2013 functionality to be downgraded, limited, or available only through alternative steps. Supported: Internet Explorer 11, Internet Explorer 10, Internet Explorer 9, Internet Explorer 8 18. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM Fine-tuning Network Latency between SharePoint Server and SQL Server should be less than 1ms Host all the servers in the same datacenter. /! If the datacenter has a problem, your SharePoint farm can be down /! Dont use Network Load Balancing (NLB), but a real load balancer like VLANs can provide significant throughput gains: VMs on the same VLAN can communicate through the virtual switch, network traffic is faster because it does not have to use the physical network adapter. As its software-based, a virtual machine can easily be moved between hosts and still keeps its network configuration. 19. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM Fine-tuning Windows Server Windows Server performance options Computer &gt; Properties &gt; Advanced system settings &gt; Performance &gt; Settings &gt; Visual Effects 20. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM Fine-tuning Windows Server Determine page file size Factor 1,5 of the server RAM. Ex: 8192 MB RAM x 1,5 = 12288 MB page file Computer &gt; Properties &gt; Advanced system settings &gt; Performance &gt; Settings &gt; Advanced &gt; Virtual Memory &gt; Settings 21. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM Fine-tuning Windows Server Use the proper power plan High Performance Start &gt; Control Panel &gt; Power Options 22. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM Fine-tuning Windows Server Stop / disable unused services Spooler AudioSrv TabletInputService WerSvc services 23. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM Fine-tuning Windows Server Loopback check On test servers or use BackConnectionHost Names in a Production environment 24. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM Fine-tuning Windows Server Patching Install latest OS and SharePoint updates (If necessary!) 25. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM Fine-tuning Windows Server SQL Alias cliconfg.exe Operational tasks maintenance is easier. Upgrades Downgrades 26. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM Fine-tuning Windows Server Windows Firewall Manually define the SQL rules on the Windows Firewall 1433 (TCP) 1434 (UDP) 27. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM Fine-tuning Windows Server Antivirus Exclude files from real-time scan Drive:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedWeb Server Extensions Drive:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedWeb Server Extensions15Logs Drive:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedWeb Server Extensions15DataApplications 28. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM Fine-tuning Windows Server Reduce I/O System, Log and Index files should be on separate disks. C: System G: Index H: Logs 29. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM Fine-tuning SQL Server Physical vs Virtual Easier to scale up &amp; down Hyper-V Cluster in Windows Server 2012 will allow you to easily move machines between hosts when there are updates or problems Can be easier to recover at DR. You're not in the position to reload the OS, reload SQL Server 30. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM Fine-tuning SQL Server Small Farm Deployment (0-500GB of Data) Medium Farm Deployment (501-1TB of data) Large Farm Deployment (1-2TB of Data) Very Large Farm Deployment (2-5 TB of Data) Special Cases RAM 8 16 32 64 64+ CPU 4 4 8 8 8 31. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM Fine-tuning SQL Server Dedicated SQL Server For optimal performance when operating server farms, we recommend that you install SQL Server 2008 R2 with SP1 and SQL Server 2012 on a dedicated server that is not running other roles of farm and n 'not host databases for other applications Dedicated Instance Named SQL Instance (do not use the default) 32. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM Fine-tuning SQL Server Collation: Latin1_General_CI_AS_KS_WS Cannot be changed after wise Windows Authentication No Mixed Mode 33. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM Fine-tuning SQL Server Create your Databases with PoSH 34. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM Fine-tuning SQL Server Use a dedicated search instance &gt; 10000000 items Antivirus: Exclude data files, transaction logs and backup files from real-time scan Install only features and components you need. SharePoint only requires: Database Engine Services Do not enable Statistics 35. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM Fine-tuning SQL Server Set min. and max. Server /! Total amount memory x 0,80 /! The default value of SQL Server for Maximum Memory is : 2147483647 MB Maximum fill factor per index (80%) Activate backup compression Its faster and needs less disks space Max Degree of Parallelism (MAXDOP) = 1 Prerequisite for SharePoint 2013 36. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM Fine-tuning SQL Server NFTS Allocation Unit Size: 64K SQL reads and writes 64K at a time, but your disk allows only 4K by default. This change alone may show you up to 30% improvement in speed. chkdsk c: 37. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM Fine-tuning SQL Server It is highly recommended to use RAID 10 for your databases because RAID 5 has a bad write performance. 38. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM Fine-tuning SQL Server Model Database Every time a new Content Database is created by SharePoint to store your Web Application, SQL uses the information in the Model Database to create it. Initial Size: This will help performance, as SQL wont have to constantly ask for more space to store data. Auto Growth: Do not keep the default value which is 1 MB. When a document of 5 MB is uploaded, it means there are 5 Autogrowth which are activated. In fact, there are 5 allocations of space which must slow your system. Moreover, your uploaded document will be fragmented across your different data files. This configuration will decrease your performance a second time. 39. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM Fine-tuning SQL Server Data prioritization among faster disks (descending) Temp DB data files Temp DB logs Content DB logs Search DB data files Content DB data files Search DB logs SharePoint data files SharePoint logs 40. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM Fine-tuning SharePoint Server (architecture) Content Databases shouldnt be more than 200GB Backup / Restore Operational tasks 5000 Site collections per Content Database 10 Application Pools (can be extended depending hardware) 20 web Applications per SharePoint Farm Dont use the Product Configuration Wizard 41. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM Fine-tuning SharePoint Server (settings) Set Quotas on all Web Applications Disable Certificate Revocation List Authentication Anonymous, Claims, Kerberos, NTLM, Forms, ADFS Wake-Up Only extend if you have a different authentication protocol. 42. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM Fine-tuning SharePoint Server (Search) Distribute the load on multiple crawl servers Throttle crawling, adjust crawling schedule Incremental vs continuous crawl Content sources Group by 43. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM Fine-tuning SharePoint Server (Search) 44. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM Fine-tuning SharePoint Server caching Distributed Cache 5% of RAM is used for Newsfeed, Microblogging etc.. Object Cache ( SuperUser, SuperReader) Client Cache (Websites with CSS, Javascript) Output cache (caches SC, Publishing features) 45. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM Fine-tuning SharePoint Server (Resource-intensive Service Applications) Excel Service Application Search Service Application Usage and Health Data collection User Profile Service Application 46. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM Fine-tuning SharePoint Server (Performance killer) Application Pool Recycle &amp;&amp; IISReset Crawl Jobs (continuous crawl) Backup Jobs Large list operations 47. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM Fine-tuning PowerShell Try to avoid Force Use the Force switch only for fixing broken deployments of SharePoint Packages. Not only it makes SharePoint stop affected Application Pools but also it prevents you from seeing errors should there be any. 48. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM Fine-tuning PowerShell Scope your Solutions with PoSH When a solution is deployed globally, all SharePoint application pools, including Central Administrations, are recycled automatically. This can be good and bad. This is good because any GAC installed DLL that has been upgraded needs to be reloaded. This can be bad though with regards to the availability of your entire SharePoint Farm. 49. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM Fine-tuning IIS Wake-up script First page call, after the recycle is always slow Authentication Compression Blob Cache 50. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM Fine-tuning Office 365 1,000ms 5,000ms The slowest 1% of pages in SharePoint online take more than 5,000ms to load 75% of SharePoint Online pages load in less than 1,000ms 51. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM Fine-tuning Office 365 Internet peering and routing Customer Internet connection Microsoft network Microsoft edge nodes Content delivery network Server workloads Rich client applications 52. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM Why SharePoint pages get slow Server Browser Network Complex pages Too many web parts Large payload Too many files Large distance to server Complex pages Busy computer Small cache Server Expensive server interactions Front end cache misses Network Microsoft Network Internet ISP CDN 53. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM SharePoint Online bandwidth usage Web Based File upload and download SharePoint Web site usage is small in comparison Sync client is the main bandwidth user OneDrive for Business initial sync traffic 54. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM SharePoint Online Images Keep them small Compress images before uploading them to SharePoint Reduce download sizes Minify all JavaScript and CSS assets Reduce the number of HTTP requests Bundle static assets together to reduce HTTP requests Deliver static content via CDNs if possible Parallelize downloads across multiple hostnames 55. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM Fine-tuning Office 365 Use Netmon to capture traffic and size usage on specific machines Use monitors on Internet gateway routers to measure total bandwidth usage Keep track of Internet capacity headroom over time as a standard infrastructure monitor Use an Office 365 pilot to measure actual usage and create a baseline from that Actual Internet capacity requirement will be previous usage plus expected SharePoint Online usage 56. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM Troubleshooting performance process Network Capture tool Netmon WireShark TCPDump Microsoft Message Analyzer Application Level tools HTTPWatch Fiddler 57. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM Summary Performance -, it depends Other platforms also matters SharePoint is fast, but depends many about others You can improve, improve and improve 58. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM Thank you! 59. WWW.SPBIZCONF.COM Please fill in my session feedback form available from the Session Resources tab on my session window. Why not join us in October at </p>