A beginner’s Guide To Photography

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A beginners guide to photography. Dont buy an expensive camera at the very beginning. Observe your environment and experiment with colors.


<ul><li>1.Photography Tutorial For Beginners Basic Tips</li></ul> <p>2. Dont go for expensive equipment at the very beginning. A good portable digital camera should do the trick.Go for an inexpensive, easy to carry around tripod 3. Always carry your camera around. You never know when youll get a great shot!Go through the Internet. It is a vast sea of information. 4. Always be alert to your environment. You never know when something clicks and you get a fantastic shot! Never overlook mundane issues such as weather, light etc. 5. Try to take pictures of unusual shapes and locales 6. Read about video lighting, studio lighting and other such conceptsJoin a photography class </p>


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