7 great seo tips for pinterest

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7 Great SEO Tips for Pinterest

The search box is one of the most used features on Pinterest. To make sure account, Pins and Pinboards are seen need to optimize them for top keywords. And Pinterest boards are even showing up in search engines like Google. For great social media marketers, like you, thats an incredible windfall.

7 Great SEO Tips for Pinterest


Make Pinboards Visible to Search Engines

MetaKave.comThe first thing need to do is to make sure search engines can find someone

This is a simple fix, but check account settings

In the Search Privacy, someone will notice that someone can hide Pinterest profile from search engines like Google

Make Pinboards Visible to Search Engines

MetaKave.comAs a business someone definitely DO NOT want this feature onMake sure your settings indicate no, as in this example:

Make Business Page Name Optimized

MetaKave.comMake sure company is easy to search and easy to find on Pinterest.

Make Business Page Name Optimized

MetaKave.comInclude full business name when someone is setting up his or her account

Someone want to claim her or his name in Pinterest URL

If name has not already been taken grab it

It will make a whole lot more optimized

Make Business Page Name Optimized

MetaKave.comThe optimal username length is 3-15 charactersIf someone wants to shorting name, make sure it is easy to recognize

Create A Business Pinterest Account

MetaKave.comFor business, its better to have a Business Pinterest account The Business accounts were introduced last November

With a business page,website tends to easier to verify

Create A Business Pinterest Account

MetaKave.comGet access to some important recently introduced business features like analytics, and rich pins

Create A Business Pinterest Account


With the enormous growth in this site, there will be even more advantages for businesses in the future

Pinterest has business accounts that are free, and just as simple to utilize as a personal page

Keep Most Popular Boards Above the Fold

MetaKave.comKeep best web content above the fold on website.

Keep Most Popular Boards Above the Fold

MetaKave.comDo the same on Pinterest

Only the top two rows generally show up above the fold on Pinterest

Make sure showing followers best

Keep five most popular and populated boards on top

Keep Most Popular Boards Above the Fold

MetaKave.comIf running a particular marketing campaign, such as a Pinterest contest, keep the board for the contest above the fold

Its easy to move categorized pins

Just click and move them

Use Keywords in Pin Description


Use Keywords in Pin Description

MetaKave.comSearch engines can only read alt tags

Pinterest gives 500 characters to describe each of uploaded pins

Keep with the visual appeal of Pinterest

Some studies have suggested that pins with character counts of 200-300 get the most repins

MetaKave.comUse HashtagsHashtags are a major component to being found within the Pinterest site

MetaKave.comUse HashtagsHashtags on the site enable to categorize pins to engage with the 70 million Pinterest users

They are also an amazing way to make pins a lot more searchable within the site

MetaKave.comSearch engines cant read images.They read the file names and alt tags

Use Keywords in Image Alt Tags

MetaKave.comWhen save images to upload to Pinterest, use filenames with one or two keyword descriptors

In other words, dont save an image with the default numbering from camera

Change it to reflect what photo is about

Edit a 09345.jpeg file name to something like kidsinsprinkler.jpeg Use Keywords in Image Alt Tags

MetaKave.comCheck alt tags when uploading file to own website.That way it already had the descriptions if pinning directly from siteUse Keywords in Image Alt Tags

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