6 hot content marketing tips to convert website traffic into sales

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6 Hot Content Marketing Tips To Convert Website Traffic Into Sales

Everyone wants to run a business website and be financially independent. Making good money online has become a trend nowadays. But if someone is a beginner, the first thing he or she will look for traffic. Traffic is something which transforms everything.

6 hot Content Marketing Tips To Convert Website Traffic Into Sales


Content Marketing Tips

MetaKave.comHere are some essential content marketing

What need to understand is that Panda loves High quality Pages and sweeps off Low Quality content

Creating high quality content should be on the top of list

By producing quality content someone expected to come up with something absolutely unique, valuable and interesting.

Quality Content Matters


Quality Content Matters

MetaKave.comTo rank amongst the High quality pages and get rewarded by Google with a lots of organic traffic

Hire domain specific experts to get fresh content for website and focus on consistently posting relevant stuff

Get the right mix between content that educates and content that sells

MetaKave.comOften, business owners are completely ignorant of the fact that theres a huge between creating content

So,they end up mixing both in a wrong way

If someone is planning a blog, can write something like how to choose a perfect outfit for a glamorous office party

Get the right mix between content that educates and content that sells

MetaKave.comWithin the content,someone can include some links of semi-formal dresses online store sells

MetaKave.comSelect the type of content that can attract customerSelecting content is the most important thing to attract customers through content marketing Always choose trending topics concerning industry

MetaKave.comSelect the type of content that can attract customerHere are some quick tactics to emerge successful:

Research the type of content that competitors are posting

Analyze the engagement ratio

Then, formulate your own plan by comparing SEO metrics like DA, PA, external links etc

MetaKave.comSelect the type of content that can attract customerDo thorough Keyword research by including relevant search terms

Observe the landing pages for the keywords select, see the metrics and figure out what is likely to work out Seek customer feedback through online surveys from both B2B and B2C clients

MetaKave.comThe most popular businesses put-in efforts to get their content rightReaching out to people through a right social channel is very important

Use the best social channels for business

MetaKave.comThe most popular businesses put-in efforts to get their content right

This involves doing a lot of research and gaining enough industry insights

Select multiple social media channels to promote content

Be very specific about what want to do and what channel will bring maximum returns on investment

Use the best social channels for business

MetaKave.comAllowing customers to post comments, share valuable insights and vote for interesting newsLeverage the craze of people being connected all the time & cash

Improve engagement

MetaKave.comThe more likes, shares or comments get through content, the more it is likely to pull-in big bucks

Make sure messages revolve and affect a big chunk of people

Acknowledge the comments that receive by replying and appreciating with a short thank you messageImprove engagement

MetaKave.comPlan content strategy & implement it in different content types and in different formsHere are describing the 4 popular types of web content create to fulfill online marketing

Publish a wide range of content types in distinct forms

MetaKave.comPresenting data in a visually appealing form along with the text is known as infographic which present information and get eyeballs content

Content Type 1:Infographics

MetaKave.comTo have one, ask a professional graphic designer to make it or also use some free or premium tools or services like- Piktochart



easel.ly etc.Content Type 1: Infographics

MetaKave.comGetting a beautifully animated short video (~2-3 minutes) that spreads awareness about products/ services

Simply take a tour type is a great way to communicate message to audience

Share video on Youtube and Vimeo

Contact Type 2: Videos

A case study guides customers as to how product or service has helped previous clients

MetaKave.comContent type 3: Case Study

This makes future customers understand worth

To write a case study, its need to start with an overview of client

MetaKave.comContent type 3: Case Study

Blogs are a great way to express and voice on own opinions on the web

MetaKave.comContent type 4: Blogs

Read this blog post on top 10 strategies for increasing visitors time on blog

Use WordPress one of the best content publishing frameworks to set up a blog for business

Having good quality products on website with no leads is not going to take business further

MetaKave.comContent type 4: Blogs

Must be generate leads

Try to include a lead capture form so that it becomes easier for the users to make contact

Whenever you release new products, you can easily shoot mails

MetaKave.comContent type 4: Blogs

If realized the importance of leads and looking for an interface to start business can try the Local Business theme

By using the leads will be able to notify the users about latest products and easily boost conversion rate

MetaKave.comContent type 4: Blogs

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