5.5.2nd WS. Main Trending Topics E.Ochoa

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  • 1. Main trending topics
    Estbaliz Ochoa Mendoza
    Fundacin Vodafone Espaa
    Madrid, Spain

2. Main trending topics
3rd Generation of ATs compared to the 1st and 2nd Gen.
Ubiquity and portability of ATs
Improvements in user-interaction
3. Main trending topics
1st, 2nd, 3rd Generation
1st Generation
2nd Generation
3rd Generation
4. Main trending topics
1st, 2nd, 3rd Generation
Supporting developers in making accesible applications
Developers are capable of creating any sort of application, interaction and user interface.
Creating accessible applications, and accessible user interactions. from scratch requires a lot of work.
If the stock user interface components are accessible applications built with them are likely accessible
5. Main trending topics
Ubiquity and portability of Assistive Technologies
Cloud computing
New paradigm in accessibility
3rd generation concept
Automatic-personalisation of any mainstream product or service a user encounters, using cloud technologies to activate and augment any natural (built-in) accessibility the product or service has based on a profile of the users needs
2nd generation concept
Adaptation of individual products and services for a person
Creation of an user profile that automatically matches mainstream products and services with necessary features and configures them according to users preferences and context of use, anywhere on any device (PC, mobile, smart phone,,), configuring the content and user interface including the accessibility of the product if needed (run without AT installation or with download and AT installation).
6. Main trending topics
Ubiquity and portability of Assistive Technologies
Available as on a portable storage device
Accessibility Portable Applications
in the pocket
Range of free assistive technoologies and other applications that will run from a portable storage device without requiring an installation onto a harddrive.Examples of what is available:

  • Firefox Accessibility Extension- Make Firefox more accessible

7. On-Screen Keyboard Portable- Easily access an on-screen keyboard 8. Virtual Magnifying Glass Portable- A full-featured screen magnifier 9. DSpeech is a free screenreader that runs from a USB drive6
10. Main trending topics
Ubiquity and portability of Assistive Technologies
Context awareness
Computers can both sense, and react based on their environment.
Devices may have information about the circumstances under which they are able to operate and based on rules, or an intelligent stimulus, react accordingly
i.e.:mobile phone
Human factors related context
information on the user, users social environment and the users tasks
Context related to physical environment
Location, infrastructure and physical conditions.
11. Main trending topics
Improvements in user-interaction
Voice interaction: next user interface?
Software that can convert spoken words into written text has been available since the early 1980s,
Still cant match the recognition levels of human being
Brain computer interface
Direct communication pathway between the brain and an external device. BCIs are often aimed at assisting, augmenting, or repairing human cognitive or sensory-motor functions.
12. Main trending topics
Augmented Communication
13. Main trending topics
Possibilities of Aumented Reality in a mobile phone
Live direct or an indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements areaugmentedby computer-generatedsensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data.
14. Main trending topics
Thanks for your attention!
Estbaliz Ochoa Mendoza
Fundacin Vodafone Espaa
Madrid, Spain