5 tips to increase your Facebook Engagement

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A study on the top Facebook pages in the world having higher Facebook Engagement reveals the following findings shown in the report. This best practices could help you to increase your brands Facebook Engagement


<ul><li> 1. HOW TO 5 tips to increase your Facebook Engagement </li> <li> 2. THEY MAY FORGET WHAT YOU SAID, BUT THEY WILL NEVER FORGET HOW YOU MADE THEM FEEL. - CARL W. BUECHNER Image Source: http://en.blogotheque.net www.simplify360.com </li> <li> 3. HERE ARE 5 PROVEN TIPS THAT WILL HELP YOU INCREASE YOUR FACEBOOK ENGAGEMENT. </li> <li> 4. #1 GENERATE POSITIVE CONTENT Positive content leaves your fans feeling inspired. Quote sharing is one of the best way to generate positive content. Disney uses relevant quotes to inspire their fans www.simplify360.com </li> <li> 5. #2 PICTURES ARE MOST ENGAGING Images which connect emotionally and those giving a solution to a problem engages more people Few things to note: Use simple images that can be easily seen on mobile, as most of the fans use phone for seeing the Facebook updates Posting larger images engages more fans than posting a link that shows a thumbnail Starbucks uses these kind of posts for connecting their fans emotionally www.simplify360.com </li> <li> 6. #3 POSTS WITH A CLEAR CALL TO ACTION TEND TO GET MORE COMMENTS, LIKES &amp; SHARES Posts with questions, asking them to share their opinions are really effective ways to stimulate your fans response Angry Birds Facebook page showcases questions to engage with its fans www.simplify360.com </li> <li> 7. #4 GIVE A CHEERS TO YOUR FANS WHENEVER POSSIBLE Fans will be happier to see their posts &amp; works shared by the brand. Encouraging your fans content and making it viral means a lot to them Starbucks shares the artistic works of their fans, which is loved by their fans www.simplify360.com </li> <li> 8. #5 TIMELY ENGAGEMENT &amp; USE OF HASHTAGS FOR A HIGHER REACH Finding out when your fans are most engaging and posting at that time will enable the post to get maximum reach and engagement Use of Hashtags enables a post to have higher reach of audience Audi uses Hashtags for most of their posts for getting higher reach www.simplify360.com </li> <li> 9. WITH THESE TIPS AND GUIDELINES, YOU CAN INCREASE YOUR FACEBOOK ENGAGEMENT </li> <li> 10. Have any questions? Use the comments section to share your queries/thoughts on what type of interactive posts you want to create for increasing engagement? www.simplify360.com </li> <li> 11. THANK YOU CONNECT WITH US </li> </ul>