5 Mobile Apps to Make Your Business More Productive in 2003

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www.SonitekApps.com Mobile App Development Company like to share list of Mobile Apps to clients, Which help them to Improve Productivity. It is undenied fact that every business man want to get maximum exposure from their employee. Thank God, there are mobile apps which help busy business to organize simple to complex tasks.


<ul><li> 1. The beginning of 2013 has brought 5 interesting apps tomake your business more productive throughout theyear. These mobile apps are especially designed to makeyourway towardssuccess and growth. These apps givetreatto businessmen by fruitful results. Enjoy and feelfree in your business.5 Mobile Apps to Make Your Business More Productive in2003</li></ul> <p> 2. The meeting mapper app tracks the role and the stance of everyparticipant in a meeting and makes the next step easier. It gathers upall information you require for successful meetings. It is available oniTunes store at $6.99. It is found as the elegant application for iPads.1. Meeting Mapper and Meeting Mapper Fierce, from Point NTime Software 3. By using workshare you will able to synchronize filesbetween theWorkshare platform and any mobile device.It also help app user to collaborate effortlessly with fileupdates, comments and access from any location.2.WorkshareYou may have experienced to work late at night in office and tried to finish it at home,but you forgot your USB stick in office itself. In this situation it becomes difficult toemail it to yourself or use dropbox for some confidential work. In this situationworkshare app will help you a lot. 4. Professionals who always face problem to get contract signed quicklythey can use this sign app. This new EchoSign app allows users tosend, sign and manage documents from within the application. Itreduces the task of carrying large paper based documents from placeto place. User can access the signed documents and contracts fromtheir box and dropbox.3. EchoSign for iOS, from Adobe 5. 4. StratPad v2, from Glassey Technologies Inc.StratPad v2 is an innovation of 2013 promises the user to bring strategy out of theboardroom and put it on the desktop in everybody in company. It is the very firstiPad app to be integrated with Yammer and allows people to collaborate strategicbusiness planning activity online. StratPad is currently available on the iPad in a basicversion for free and in paid editions ranging from US$9.99 to $54.99. 6. Speaktoit is the top-rated app designed for business users in 2013 for Android oriOS/Windows and targeting productivity.The top new capabilities include,Calendar/meeting scheduling: Users can schedule their meetings with their voice throughtheir assistant whereas speaktoit app will remind users about their particular agendas forthe day. It keeps on reminding you if you have any meeting somewhere. Speaktoit will alsoremind you to book flights or hotel etc via the calendar.The app will also assist you infinancial news services to provide automatic updates and notification.5. Speaktoit, from Speaktoit.com 7. Mobile Apps Developers for high end MobileApplication DevelopmentContact Us1-877-335-7664www.SonitekApps.comwebmaster@sonitekapps.comSonitekApps</p>