5 Best iPhone Apps For Budding Writers

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Many writers feel comfortable using modern communication tools like smartphones to record their thoughts and manage their writing assignments. The popularity of iPhone mobile device among budding writers has prompted developers to focus on building useful apps for authors. Here is a compilation of 5 of the best iPhone apps for budding writers.


<ul><li> 1. 5 Best iPhone Apps For BuddingWriters Word Twiddle Tumblr FastPencil Story Tracker Lite Evernote</li></ul> <p> 2. Many writers feel comfortable using moderncommunication tools like smartphones to record theirthoughts and manage their writing assignments. Thepopularity of iPhone mobile device among buddingwriters has prompted developers to focus on buildinguseful apps for authors. Here is a compilation of 5 ofthe best iPhone apps for budding writers. 3. Word TwiddleThis app provides helpful word suggestions for writers bysimply tapping on the iPhone. Word Twiddle uses a slot-machine-like interface to display three words from a vastdatabase of 50,000 words by simply tapping on the screen.This app acts like a word assistant by popping up helpfulword suggestions when writers are facing a writers block orfinding it a challenge to express their thoughts. When you arestuck in between a sentence, you can select appropriatewords frompre-defined categorieslikeactionverbs, nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs. 4. TumblrTumblr offers a useful platform to microblog a topic andshare it with the social network. This app allows you tointeract with other writers and get ideas or tips toimprove your writing skills. This app can also be used asan online scrapbook to record any ideas, comments oruseful information found in other websites. Tumblr alsooffers the flexibility to share a variety of content liketext, music, quotes, images, links and videos to othermembers in the social network using your mobilephone. 5. FastPencilThis is another useful app which can be downloaded toiPhone devices and used for writing a book. FastPencil is aniPhone application that encourages collaboration betweendifferent individuals allowing writers to read, editors to editand publishers to share documents with ease. This simpleapplication encourages writers to complete their writingassignments and edit their written work while on the go. Thisapplication helps writers share useful knowledge with oneanother, obtain useful criticism or feedback of their work andmake required changes in the written work. You can also usethis application to work independently on a writing project. 6. Story Tracker LiteThis app helps writers keep track of all the writingassignments that have been submitted. Story TrackerLite is primarily a submission tracking tool thatmaintains a list of the variety of written worksubmitted. The written work can include novels, blogs,stories and articles. This app can be used to keep trackof about 5 articles, 5 markets and 5 article submissions. 7. EvernoteThis is another app that writers can use to keep track of writtenassignments or some interesting concepts or ideas that have beenspotted while browsing some websites. This iPhone app works bestwhen used in conjunction with the desktop version of the app. Thereare 4 options available for users to create new notes and edit thenotes created using this app: Text, Saved Photo, Snapshot and Audio.Writers can assign a name for individual notes and even tag the notesfor easy retrieval.Apart from the apps listed here, there are many custom appdevelopers who are involved in developing apps to suit therequirements of individual publishing companies or organizations. 8. Conclusion:Writers find it convenient to use the latest technologicaldevices to do their writing assignments. Many writersuse the iPhone device to record their thoughts or shareideas with other people. Some of the best iPhone appsdeveloped for budding writers include Word Twiddle,Tumblr, Evernote, Story Tracker Lite and FastPencil. </p>