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  • 1. 4 Billion Nodes 2009 iNomadics, Inc.

2. The New Nomads >Half the world has mobile phones 4 Billion mobile phones Mobile usage up 500% since 2007 Half all new Internet connections 2014 50% Android 25% Apple 2009 iNomadics, Inc. 3. Laptop in your Pocket 2009 iPhone GS 2003 Laptop ~ Sony Vaio 2.4x4.5x0.5 4.8 ounces 9x11x2 - 5 pounds 620 MHz ARM CPU 1000 MHz Pentium CPU 256 MB RAM 256 MB Ram 32 GB Storage 30 GB Storage 320 x 480 Display 640 x 480 Display $199.00 $1999.00 > 10 Hours > 2 Hours GPS, Compass, Camera, Accelerometer, Bluetooth, Wifi, 3G, Phone, Audio 2009 iNomadics, Inc. 4. New Paradigm Always there Always on Location aware Touch Motion control Multimedia Audio, video, photo - create/consume While Waiting (WW) time Q Dead-air Dispute resolution Memex 2009 iNomadics, Inc. 5. iPhone Apps Apple iPhone >30% of Smartphone market >60% of mobile Internet traffic Over 40 Million sold Projecting 50 Million through Dec. App Store 55,000 apps 1.5 Billion downloads App >10x browser 2009 iNomadics, Inc. 6. One Perspective Each new medium has its own rules Mobile is NOT a tiny browser 3. Interstitials 4. Memory Augmentation 5. Location Based Services 6. Social Networking g Hunter / Gatherer r Remote Operation r Mobile Presence 2009 iNomadics, Inc. 7. Interstitials - While Waiting Poker Sketches iSteam Thereminator - movie PocketGod movieOcarina 2009 iNomadics, Inc. 8. Memory Augmentation Wikipanion Google Search VR iBirds iHarmony Netters Anatomy gContacts Dispute resolution. or why my wife wants an iPhone 2009 iNomadics, Inc. 9. Location Based Services Google Maps Zagat Journey Cast Graffitio Trapster Android Locale MapCleveland.org Cleveland Zoo Key On This Spot 2009 iNomadics, Inc. 10. Social Networking Hunter / Gatherer SMS Facebook LinkedIn Twitter clients YouTube Loopt/Yelp 2009 iNomadics, Inc. 11. Remote Operation iTunes Remote SimplifyMedia MobileFiles AndroidScan DVRRemote (Tivo) Home Automation 2009 iNomadics, Inc. 12. Mobile Presence Retail Purchasing, store locator, product catalogs Venues Events calendar, map, contacts, tickets, webcams Universities Manufacturer Catalogs, field service Paint matcher Field personnel Medical, service, Nomadic tribes Memberships, contractors 2009 iNomadics, Inc. 13. Integrate Multiple Channels 2009 iNomadics, Inc. 14. mCommerce Categories Transactions Amazon, Sears, SkyMall Catalogs Ralph Lauren, Victorinox Information Epicurious, Whole Foods Utility Sherwin Williams (Color Snap) Entertainment Nissan, Ford (Flex), Audi A4 2009 iNomadics, Inc. 15. Functional Facets News Events Maps Multimedia Music, Video, Photo Contacts Dial, email, text, chat, tweet Shopping Online and offline catalogs Example movie 2009 iNomadics, Inc.