25 Feb 2014 CDE enduring challenge competition briefings

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Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE) Innovation Network. Dstl Programme Manager briefings on CDE's enduring challenge competition.


  • 1. Centre Defence Enterprise forRoom 2 Enduring Challenge Competition

2. Enduring challenge Todays Programme briefings: Cyber Combat Air 3. Defence research challenges in cyber security Crown copyright 2013 Dstl 26 February 2014 4. The threat, the risk Increasing in complexity and scale Diverse, asymmetric & symmetric Non-traditional cyber threats Electromagnetic attack MODs business Working in dangerous situations An obvious target26 February 2014 Crown copyright 2013 Dstl 5. MOD Networks Large and varied 70+ countries 1200 UK Sites 800,000 IP addresses 225,000 Users 95% is made up of 19 LAN Systems with 1000 Applications Planned and ad hoc Bought as a service26 February 2014 Crown copyright 2013 Dstl 6. Platforms and weapons Increasingly cyber-enabled, connected platforms Tighter integration with industry Complex logistics and support Supply chain security26 February 2014 Crown copyright 2013 Dstl 7. Strange and charmed systems Non-standard hardware, software and protocols Legacy hardware, software and protocols Low-bandwidth connectivity at the fringes Outside the envelope of IA and cybersecurity26 February 2014 Crown copyright 2013 Dstl 8. Defence cyber S&T Crown Copyright Dstl 2011 9. Decision support Understanding cyber as a MOD capability Developing techniques and models to assess risks, costs, benefitsUNCLASSIFIEDCyber EnvironmentProtect Information Assurance Providing advice to MOD balance of investment and business as usualEnable Decision SuperiorityDefendOperateComputer Network DefenceService OperationCreated: 02/11/2011 10:22:52Modified: 30/11/2011 17:32:18 UNCLASSIFIED26 February 2014 Crown copyright 2013 DstlE2E Service AssuranceOwner: Administrator 10. Vulnerability studies Assessing vulnerabilities in: Current and future MOD systems Networks, platforms, infrastructure Whole system, entire lifecycle Learning how to do it S&T challenges Organisational challenges in MOD and supplier community Mainstreaming it26 February 2014 Crown copyright 2013 Dstl 11. Defence and situational awareness Current operations S&T embeds into MOD units Advice on improving current tools and techniques Future challenges Real world impact of cyber events Support to decision makers Learning how to do it! Mainstreaming it!26 February 2014 Crown copyright 2013 Dstl 12. The pipeline Sponsoring research Centre for Defence Enterprise Use of existing consortia Shaping and co-sponsoring academic research Commercial competitions Assessing candidate technologies Intelligent customer function Test and evaluation Testbed connected to MOD networks26 February 2014 Crown copyright 2013 Dstl 13. Future challenges Scale and sophistication of threat Situational awareness and defence Big data Pace of technical changes vs government Domestic/professional co-existence, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) Cloud SMART Defence-specific issues Cyber in MODs mission The strange and charmed Crown Copyright Dstl 2011 14. Enduring challenge Todays Programme briefings: Cyber Combat Air 15. Dstl Combat Air Programme Brief26 February 2014 Crown copyright 2013 DstlCOVERING UNCLASSIFIED 16. Air strategic requirements for S&T Decision Support to Air Air Network Interoperability Airs Contribution to Defence C4ISR Critical Air and Space Technologies Future Combat Air Capability Human Component of Capability Influence of Air Operations RPAS/UAS Capability Space Survivability of Air Operations Sustainable Air Force Training and Simulation 26 February 2014 Crown copyright 2013 DstlUNCLASSIFIED 17. Air-related Programmes & Portfolios Combat Air Conventional WeaponsAir SurvivabilityUnmanned Air SystemsIntegrated SensingNovel WeaponsC2I2Strategy & CapabilityCyber Air Decision Support Air EnablersTest & EvaluationTraining26 February 2014 Crown copyright 2013 DstlHuman & Medical sciencesUNCLASSIFIEDDefence Intelligence 18. Air transport platformsTanker / transportTransport20102015C130K2020202520302035A400M ATLAS - UK 22 A/C ordered, ISD 2015A400MC130JC178th aircraft ordered in 2012 Tristar Voyager VC10Voyager Airbus A330-200 Multi Role Tanker Transporter 14 a/c over 27yr PFI, ISD 2011 - 3 available in Jan 2013 19. C4ISTARreplaced by 3xRivet Joint MR 1 Broad C4ISTAR2010 purchased second hand from the USAF 2015 2020 and called Air Seeker ISD 2014 MR4A cancelled in SDSR 2010Tactical Strategic Local20302035AWACS E3D SentryNimrodSentinelUAV2025MR2, R1 MRA4 ISDUOR to fulfil Herrick (Afghanistan) Full Motion Video requirement. Core requirement Armed or not armed? More Reaper or MantisScavengerUOR for Herrick and Telic (Iraq) - being taken into coreWatchKeeperDesert Hawk Black HornetUOR for Herrick Mini/Nano UAVs, UOR well regarded being taken in to core 20. Helicopters Move towards 4 helicopter types 14 additional Chinooks + Upgrades Life extension for Puma Capability sustainment for attack helicopters to 2040 Replace all Lynx with Wildcat (Army and Navy variants) Ship optimization for Merlin Mk3 Commercially operated SAR in UK 26 February 2014 Crown copyright 2013 DstlUNCLASSIFIED 21. Combat Air Capability 2010 TyphoonTornado GR42015Future weapons integration will include Meteor air-to-air missile, Paveway IV, 2020 2025 Storm Shadow, Brimstone and Small Diameter Bomb. Upgrade the radar to an Active Electronically Scanned Array.20302035OSDTornado F3Harrier GR9JCA (JSF STOVL)FCAS Options - UCAV - More JSF - Typhoon - Upgrade or replacement?Lightning II first UK flight Mid 2012 UK Manufacture of two Queen Elizabeth underway ISD 2018TARANIS UCAV - Flight test, 2013 FCAS UCAV Fight Demonstrator 2022 22. 10-year equipment plan Combat Air Typhoon Tranche 2 & 3 aircraft fully into service Develop and enhance the aircrafts multi-role and ISTAR capabilities Lightening II (Joint Strike Fighter F-35B STOVL variant) Growing investment in unmanned aerial vehicles, including co-operation with France Preparations for demonstrator ~ 2022 Future investment to expand our investment in simulated pilot training 26 February 2014 Crown copyright 2013 DstlUNCLASSIFIED 23. Key combat air research elements Value: ~16M p.a. Air survivability Air Vehicle Signature Control Weapons integration Countermeasure integration Aerospace science enablers Aerodynamics Structures Guidance and control Future Air Concepts Propulsion Mission systems and avionics integration FCAS Focussed Research 26 February 2014 Crown copyright 2013 DstlUNCLASSIFIED 24. CDE areas of interest to Combat Air (1) Novel air vehicle & weapon aerodynamics assessment methods Air vehicle structural analysis Novel materials Aero-elastics Ice and lightning protection design Bird-strike analysis Assessment methods / modelling (FE analysis techniques). Air vehicle and weapon guidance and control Analysis & Design Techniques, Modelling, performance assessmentPropulsion and energy systems modelling and performance assessment techniques Internal combustion engines, electric propulsion systems, fuel cells and batteries Hybrid propulsion technologies Energy harvesting technologies Fuel reduction technologies 26 February 2014 Crown copyright 2013 DstlUNCLASSIFIED 25. CDE areas of interest to Combat Air (2) Low observability technologies (signature reduction technologies) Environmental protection technologies (platform and engine) - FOD, sand, volcanic ash, salt, snow Detection, prevention, protection Power & thermal management technologies & assessment techniques Health & usage technologies/assessment techniques (diagnostics/ prognostics) Novel / non-traditional air vehicle concepts eg airships, hypersonic air vehicles, future rotorcraft concepts, micro and nano UAS Whole platform analysis methods for future air vehicle concepts Mission systems and avionics technologies Improved networked tactical mission battle-space integration technologies Technologies to exploit external networked information products to enabling aircrew situational awareness Technologies and techniques to improved air decision making and prioritisation Improved aircrew systems safety and cost reduction26 February 2014 Crown copyright 2013 DstlUNCLASSIFIED 26. Centre Defence Enterprise for