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  • 1. An introduction to some classroom tools on the internet
  • 2. Overview We will try to explore the various internet resources available for FREE!! Wiki This will be just a taste of Portaportal whats out there and I will try my best to let you explore Web 2.0 tools these sites as experience is the best teacher! Skype Any questions please interrupt me to ask, we are all learning Podcasting and Ill be happy to help. Web Publishing
  • 3. Lets get online! Make sure your radio is on blue Click on the first picture Click on connect to If you are having problems, Pick__________ Type in passcode need help, or are finished then Choose work or public location and save it please open a document to type in and write a paragraph about yourself to use later
  • 4. Wiki-whos heard of it? Whos used it? Wikis are a collaborative website which can be directly Wikis will be explored more edited by anyone with access to it during web publishing (en.wiktionary.org/wiki/wiki) Book Study Wiki Prizes! A total of 5 prizes are available First prize available when you join the wiki Then 1 prize per book by responding to 2 points (4 total books)
  • 5. VIDEO FOR NO INTERNET How to get there
  • 6. What is Portaportal? whos heard of it? Whos used it? When you create your portaportal, email me the address. I will add it to the An easy way to keep track of special education collection to share with our staff! your favorite sites from eshepher@access.k12.wv.us anywhere Easy way to direct students to where you want them Saves endless searches Organized
  • 7. What is a portaportal?
  • 8. If we are online If you want to, go ahead and sign up Well spend 10 minutes on Explore the portaportal on the portaportal special education website- you may want to bookmark this Go to google and type in your grade/profession/disability area + portaportal and hit enter DONT reinvent the wheel, explore what others have made
  • 9. What do you want to do next? Web 2.0 Tools Bubbl.us Wordl Glogster Voicethread Skype Podcasting Web Publishing Digital storytelling Movie maker Slide casting Blog Wiki Twitter All done lets explore!
  • 10. Web 2.0 Tools The use of World Wide Web technology and web design that aims to facilitate Bubbl.us creativity, information sharing, and, most http://boe.rand.k12.wv.us/educati notably, collaboration www.anvilmediainc.com/searc on/dept/dept.php?sectionid=22&li h-engine-marketing- glossary.html nkid=nav-menu-container-1-1792 To portaportal Click on bubbl.us
  • 11. Bubbl.us-whos heard of it? Whos used it? Like it, book mark it! Good for co-teaching Good use of whiteboard Help organize ideas How would you use it? If internet- create answers in bubbl.us 2 minutes to explore
  • 12. Glogster-whos heard of it? Whos used it? Back to special ed portaportal Click on glogster Make an expressive poster with pictures, video, music, and links One Example One for your webpage Explore for 3 minutes
  • 13. How would you use this in your class? A characters glog? A glog about a specific subject area? A glog about an experiment? Is this better than a trifold or what?
  • 14. Imagination Cubed- whos heard of it? Whos used it? Students dont have email? Dont worry they can sign up Link through SpEd Portaportal for safe accounts through: https://www.gaggle.net/gen?_t Work with students live on this emplate=/templates/gaggle/ht ml/index.jsp program Laptops or computer labs allow many students to participate I need a volunteer to join me 5 minutes- work with a friend or more-invite many!
  • 15. How can you use this with your students?
  • 16. Voicethread- whos heard of it? Whos used it? Share one way you want to connect your students through voicethread Again access through Want to interview someone in portaportal France, but cant make up for the time difference- voice A way for others to connect in a thread can help! delayed fashion Share videos, thoughts, recordings, a nd drawings Check out this classroom 2.0 3 minutes to explore
  • 17. Voicethread screen shot
  • 18. Wordl- whos heard of it? Whos used it? 3 minutes to explore Ok bring up that document you typed about yourself- if you didnt save it- thats ok, just find something on your computer with words Go to wordl through the portaportal Create your own wordl Paste in the box and hit