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Mina Zadeh, Oracle, Cloud Beyond the Hype, Cloud,


  • 1. Cloud Beyond The Hype Mina Zadeh Principal Consultant mina.sagha.zadeh@oracle.com
  • 2. 2010 Oracle Corporation 2 Optimized IT Service Group A Data Grid Data GridData Grid Service Group B Service Group C Integration Layer Security Layer Application Grid Application Grid Application Grid Evolving from Traditional Silos into Cloud Where most organization are today? What are they going towards? Traditional Security SFAProduct LMS Inv MGMTB2B product SCM product DBERP MES- Dev SFA SFA- Test SFA- Stage Product Product ERP- Stage ERP- Prod MES- Stage MES- Prod product DB- Stage B2B- StageB2B- Dev Security Security Security Pt. to Pt. Integrations SFAProduct LMSInv MGMT product SCM product DBERP MES- DevProduct ERP- Stage product DB- Stage Local IT silos Peak load sized Difficult to scale Difficult to change Expensive to manage Complexity driven risk IT-as-a-Service Rapid provisioning Lower costs IT as a Business Faster project turnaround Greater focus on business Pools of resources Consolidated Better productivity Higher QoS Improved IT agility Improved security and management Rationalization Standardized interfaces/systems Lower license and support costs Increased utilization of IT skills Reduced IT project time/costs/risks Cloud PaaS SaaS IaaS FBT PAY G NTS TRDS Client Customs RRE IPS IntegratedA/C Refunds RBA Def PaymentsExcise CR PKI ECI ADD AWA ELS Client Staff Remote Staff TAX AGENTS GCI Call Centres WOC CCD TASS Staff Phone Compliance Staff BOA Refmaterial Bus. Intel NTS A/c BEP CDCC CWMS BANK DDDR 1 Data. Penalty Business IVR 1 FBT PAY G NTS TRDS Client Customs RRE IPS IntegratedA/C Refunds RBA Def PaymentsExcise CR PKI ECI ADD AWA ELS Client Staff Remote Staff TAX AGENTS GCI Call Centres WOC CCD TASS Staff Phone Compliance Staff BOA Refmaterial Bus. Intel NTS A/c BEP CDCC CWMS BANK DDDR 1 Data. Penalty Business IVR 1 Transitional
  • 3. 2010 Oracle Corporation 3 Considerations before moving to cloud Avoid Cloud Sprawl : Situation created by the ever-growing use of public cloud services and apps by individuals within a company, often without any permissions from the IT department Recent survey of 200 IT directors in Europe (Sept 2011) 54% were unsure of how many public cloud-based services their employees use. 57% were concerned that costs could spiral out of control as employees expense the incurred cost. 76% admit that employees are likely to flout IT policies in order to make use of cloud services. Consider: Governance, Integration, security, potential lock-in, service levels, support, reliability, Isolation levels, portability, compliance, metering and charge back, data location, life cycle management, culture change, role change,
  • 4. 2010 Oracle Corporation 4 Oracle Cloud Computing Strategy Public Clouds IaaS PaaS SaaSI N T R A N E T Private Cloud Users IaaS PaaS SaaS I N T E R N E T IaaS PaaS IaaS PaaS AppsSaaS Oracle Technology in Oracle Public cloud https://cloud.oracle.com Oracle On Demand Oracle Applications Oracle Private PaaS Our objectives: Ensure that cloud computing is fully enterprise grade Support both public and private cloud computing give customers choice
  • 5. 2010 Oracle Corporation 5 Full Oracle Software Stack Certified and Supported on Oracle VM on Amazon EC2 Amazon EC2 now supports Oracle VM Fully certified and supported: Oracle Database, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Applications (EBS, PeopleSoft, Siebel), Oracle Enterprise Manager Oracle license portability Oracle Unbreakable Linux support and Amazon Premium Support Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) based on Oracle VM Templates Certified & supported
  • 6. 2010 Oracle Corporation 6 Complete Cloud Lifecycle Management Setup Cloud Infrastructure Build App & Package as Appliance Setup Cloud Policies Deploy Scale Up/Down Decommission Monitor Patch Oracle Enterprise Manager
  • 7. 2010 Oracle Corporation 7 Focused Implementation versus wide diffusion Tactical- Wide deployment of a limited technology (e.g. virtualise server resources) focusing on cost savings. Strategic- Complete migration for a given architecture/application focusing on revenue enhancement.
  • 8. 2010 Oracle Corporation 8 Plan Strategically, Act Tactically A pragmatic step-wise approach Having the end goal in mind in every step.
  • 9. 2010 Oracle Corporation 9 Consideration for moving to the Cloud Tactical or strategic moves Right trade-off for your business between ROI and risks (Security, Downtime, Performance) As-is or transformational How you will handle exceptions that dont fit into your Cloud Right consolidation level (Server, Storage, OS, DB, and Workload)? Portfolio rationalization Do you want to enable self-service provisioning from the start? Do you want to enable a chargeback model from the start? How will your operations need to change? How and when will you migrate users (immediately, hardware refresh, or upon new deployment)? Which applications will be easy migration targets?
  • 10. 2010 Oracle Corporation 10 Popular Theme We See Today Private Cloud
  • 11. 2010 Oracle Corporation 11 Private Cloud Adoption Is Increasing Source: IOUG ResearchWire member studies on Cloud Computing, conducted in Aug-Sept 2010 and Aug-Sept 2011 28% increase from 2010 to 2011 Cloud 29% Cloud 37%
  • 12. 2010 Oracle Corporation 12 Commonwealth Bank (CBA) The Commonwealth Bank is one of Australias leading providers of integrated financial services including retail, business and institutional banking, funds management, superannuation, insurance, investment and broking services. The Bank is one of the largest listed companies on the Australian Stock Exchange.
  • 13. 2010 Oracle Corporation 13 Take Advantage of Complimentary Workload Peaks Reduced peak-to-trough variance Asset Consolidation Reduced variance allows each server to be run hotter Server utilisation has increased from