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AKTAM Project Management Ltd.


ABOUT COMPANYLimited Liability Partnership AKTAM Project Management Ltd. was created in 2013 with a purpose of provision of drilling services, chemical analyses, development of the design of the mining operations, preparation of feasibility study, provision of geological works to the mining companies and metallurgical plants. In addition, company supplies mining trucks, underground loaders, drilling equipment and tools, spare parts.Apart from that company actively attracts capital (investments) and transfers technology to Republic of Kazakhstan, conducts marketing analyses, organizes business meetings, management and financing of industrial and commercial projects in the framework of governmental program FIIR (accelerated industrial and innovative development)Our mission is to maximize utility of our customers Kazakhstani companies operating in mining sector. Following this principle, we execute various mining works and provide consulting services. Company as a modern equipment and technologies which allow quickly execute clients order.Our vision:To be a reliable partner for our clients;To be innovative in our industry;To raise efficiency of the projects of our clients;To be responsible for our actions in order to preserve the credibility of our clients;To provide services that have real demand from our clients;To preserve practical business orientation.

Company successfully uses the newest technologies in geological exploration and mining that allows company to payback its investments.

Service and consulting company in mining sector

Companys Mission in the Development of International RelationshipsAPM mission in mining sector is to attract investments and technology for the geological study and raise the mineral foundation of Kazakhstan considering global trends of the development of the commodity markets and international requirements. Current possibilities of active development of the Kazakhstani economy and its mining sector were created due to active work of the Government of the RK in international affairs and in particular development of the logistics and transit opportunities of the country. Uniqueness of the economic part of the geological and mining business in Kazakhstan is related to correct selection of the deposit considering its geological characteristics and parameters of the investment attractiveness for the capital markets. Because capital markets oriented on exploration and mining are part of the general capital markets, main goal of APM is to attract long-term financing for the realization of exploration and mining projects in Kazakhstan, including financing on the developing exchanges of Hong Kong and Shanghai. In this context, Kazakhstan is relatively new competitor to compete for share of local and international markets of capital, oriented on exploration and mining of mineral resources. Development in this way opens new opportunities, but has many disadvantages as well. Thus development of the principles in order to raise investment requires clear understanding of the types of investments, its sources and distribution mechanisms. By this time APM consolidated the number of prospective geoservice activities and mining projects that are under its management as well as in its ownership with local partners.

Companys mission in organization of cooperation with government

Provision of business/investment projects and analytical dataSupport in project selection among the projects of FIID (Forcing Industrial and Innovative Development)Support in strategic partner selection Various support to foreign investorsHelping investors to receive the governmental support Organization of meetings with governmental authoritiesHelping to resolve the administrative issues

Why Kazakhstan is attractive for investment?

Political stability and favorable investment climate Regional attraction of investments and protection of foreign investorsA bridge to 3 bln. people marketStable macroeconomic indicators and strong growth

High level of credibility to political institutions and effective allocation of governmental finance (WEF 2012) in comparison with other CIS countries.Good ranking in Doing Business rating (49th in overall ranking and 10th in investor protection, and 17th in tax payments).

Low corporate tax (20%) and low VAT (12%)Fiscal and non-fiscal support, incl. Special Economic Zones48 agreements on protection of foreign investors (incl. USA)Main arbitrage documents are ratified

GDP growth: 5,5% (IMF 2012)Low aggregate external debt, in terms of GDP: 15,8% (IMF 2012)Budget deficit of -2,5% (IMF 2012)Inflation rate 6% (IMF 2012)Rating upgraded from stable to positive according to the rating agencies3 out of 5 BRICS countries located within 4 hours flight distanceCustoms Union with Russia and Belorussia with total population of 170 mln. and overall GDP of 2 trln Open economy (trade 70% of GDP)Several trade agreements signedEntering WTO in 2014-2015

Transport infrastructure driver of the economic growthGlobalization and international integration processes in Eurasia which led to increased trade between Europe and East Asia persuaded global community to recreate the Great Silk Road. In the beginning of 21th century China was the first who conducted steps towards recreation of the longest route in the world and together with Kazakhstan embodies the idea of economic belt in accordance with the strategy One belt One way which consists of projects like Economic belt of Silk Road and Sea Silk Road of XXI centuryCurrent relationships between 2 countries are not only limited to oil and gas cooperation. More effective and prospective became the joint work on Economic belt. Two railroads one through Dostyk (Kazakhstan), Alashankou (China), from Lianyungang to Rotterdam with overall length 10,9 thousand km and second from Altynkol (Kazakhstan) Khorgos (China) are successfully functioning. Apart from that one of the major Kazakhstans and Chinese projects is almost constructed Highway Western China Western Europe. Main advantages of this road is its length and journey duration 10 days from Lianyungang to the borders of European states. These routes now are the major competitors to Russian railway Transsib.Therefore Kazakhstan which has the biggest territory in Central Asia with the location in the heart of Eurasia will be a truly land based port or bridge between countries of Far East Asia and Europe. Favorable geographical location allows Kazakhstan to position itself as an international hub of the Eurasian transcontinental corridor of the XXI century (New Silk Road)

Kazakhstan XXI New Silk Road

Mineral resources base and gold mining sector of Kazakhstan

Creating and developing the mineral resourcing base is one of the main precondition stage for successful growth of the Kazakhstans economy. Kazakhstan has one of the leading position in the world by quantity and variety of mineral resources, and its mining complex is the most dynamically developing industrial segment and the most important component of the economy. It is known that, Kazakhstan is #1 for the reserves of zinc, wolframite, barites, second in reserves of silver, lead, chromite, third in copper and calcium fluoride, forth molybdenum, sixth gold. Countrys share in the global reserves of uranium is 18%, chrome -10%, lead 9%, zinc 8%, silver 5%, magnesium 5%, copper 5%. According to the estimates of the experts, forecasted geological reserves of Kazakhstan equal to 9 trillion dollars. Kazakhstan has the large gold-bearing territory. Kazakhstan is ranked as 10th in the world based on explored gold reserves and 23rd based on gold extraction. The main gold ore and gold fields are located in 16 mining regions. Governmental balance of mineral resources accounted 350 objects with gold reserves. In Kazakhstan the significant role of the gold reserves and exploration plays a complex of pyrite-polymetallic fields, where gold is the associated component during the extracting process. President of the country has set the ambitious task to be one of the 50 most competitive countries in the world. The important solving condition is actual breakthrough in the mineral resources base fortification, based on the fundamental and applied scientific and geological researches and results of geological exploration.

Map of the gold mining regions and deposits in Kazakhstan

Geological exploration and mining of mineral resources in Kazakhstan

Exploration was and remains a strategic important, primary and essential part of the mining process. In the past 3 years Kazakhstan shows positive dynamic of exploration expenses growth compared to the last two decades, which is explained by price increasing for mineral resources and expected growth in demand. Today by opening the broad road for international markets to invest in exploration in Kazakhstan, we join the contemporary culture of investment, competition and adaptation as part of creation the domestic capital market for mining segment companies and their integration with world markets. In this context the goal of Kazakhstans geology increase the exploration density up to average level of the ten top countries according this indicator. Huge mineral resources reserves, improving investment climate and big governmental actions point that in the near future Kazakhstan has real chance to become a center of international investment activity in exploration and extracting of mineral resources. Kazakhstans capital market has very low and very small size compared to US, Canada, Australia and China. Also the domestic mineral resources base is undervalued in the global mining industry. It has a high potential growth.

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