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Provides attraction, consistency,

performance and consumption. Zebco has been working with the Purina Mills

Provide fisherman with enhanced fishing experiences.

Provide attraction, consistency, performance and consumption

Field testing has proven this product attracts fish to the hot zone

Boost the

fishing action

with the best

way to attract


Endorsed by Americas favorite


Engaging and captivating style

for teaching fishing techniques

to everyone

Featured on Bill Dance

Outdoors television show

The scientists and nutritionists at

Purina Farms have been incorporating

their proven Aqua Max technology and

formulas to the development of a

product that will attract fish to the food

source .

The active dispersal of the fish food

formula provides a chumming-like

effect to the fishing environment.


Why Fish with Attractants?If you want to catch fish you can:

1. Find where they are feeding and use artificial or live baits to entice a strike.

2. Ignite their feeding by placing Boost Fish Attractant to create your own Hot Zone feeding frenzy.

Getting fish excited by providing scents and edible treats in the water is called chumming.

With Boost Fish Attractants you will improve your ability to catch more fish period.

Purina Mills has worked for years designing , developing and perfecting the formulas that are known to provide

the scents, tastes and stimulation to make fish want to bite. These formulas have always been developed to

provide healthy proteins and nutrients for the commercial and personal farming of fish.

For the first time ever Zebco will introduce this proven science to the community of fisherman who just want to

catch more fish for themselves and there families.

Fishing with Chum Attractants

Boost Attractants deliver

the promise to bring fish to

your own Hot Zone

without the hassle, stink,

mess and clean-up

associated with traditional

methods of chumming for


Boost fish attractants

require no special storage

or refrigeration.

Market for Fish Chum Attractants

Market for Fish Attractants

Sprays, Gels, Rub-ons, Flavored Baits


attracts fishthat attract fishthat attract fish that are hungry!



Boost Ignitor Pellets $4.99 retail

High quality proteins and nutrients

Broadcast over larger area

Slow and Intermittent sinking

Wide spread hot zone

Creates a feeding frenzy

Saltwater In-development

Boost Dock Block $9.99 retail

High quality proteins and nutrients

Slow Dissolve creates long term hot zone

Provide 24-48hrs of continual feeding zone

Freshwater Panfish/Multi-Species

Freshwater and Catfish Formulas

Saltwater In-development

IMPORTANT: Requires no refrigeration, no clean-up!

Boost Ignitor

Pellets Attractant

Broadcast over larger areaAs far as you can throw the pellets

Natural currents and wind will help spread the fish attractant creating a wide spread Hot Zone

Slow sinking pellets keeps product suspended and in front of the fish longer while the dissolve

Wide spread hot zone of fish food ignites a feeding frenzy

Boost Dock Block

Attractant Once the hot zone has been ignited by spreading

the Boost Igniter Pellets over a wide area, it is time to keep the attracted fish in the area by hanging a slow release Boost Dock Log.

You will now create a continual feeding zone that will last up to 24-48 hours

IGNITE A FRENZYThrow some Boost Ignitor Pellets into the area that you

would like to attract fish too. This is creating a hot zone

of chum that is attracting many species of hungry fish.

PUT A LOG ON THE FIREPlace Boost Dock Block in the area you would like to fish.

The block immediately starts dispensing scented fish food

which attracts many species of hungry fish. The block will

hold fish in that area for 24-48 hours depending on the

water conditions and or how many fish are taking part in

the feeding frenzy going on under the water!

JOIN THE ACTIONFish with your favorite live or artificial baits enjoy

catching more fish because you have created your

own HOT ZONE and have boosted your chances for

catching more fish!


Retail Ready 6 pack Displayer

MSRP $9.99

Available 7/1/14



MSRP $4.99

Available 7/1/14