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  1. 1. Swimming Offers Campaign
  2. 2. As part of the BBC / British Swimming Big Splash campaign to get more people swimming more often and to help people learn to swim ahead of the 2012 Olympics; London Swimming have launched a website which allows you to search for your nearest leisure centre and choose a discounted water based activity from a variety of offers.
    This campaign targets specific groups of swimmers using the the Sport England Market Segmentation tool who have indicated that they would like to learn to swim or to swim more often.
    The campaign takes two forms, household marketing and an online website based on how the different segments like to be reached.
  3. 3. From a standing start we have seen 122,000 unique visitors to the site nationally culminating in over 15,000 swimming offers being downloaded with over 8,000 in London alone, across 81 pools in 29 London Boroughs.

    Every major Pool Operator of public swimming facilities in London are involved in the project and have worked with us to devise swimming offers around five core themes:

    * 2 for the price of 1, bring a friend.
    * Bring the Family.
    * Try a Class in the Pool
    * Workout in the Water
    * Adult Swimming Lessons
  4. 4. We have used a combination of Pay per Click internet advertising through Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines alongside our own internet based viral campaigning to get the website noticed.
    The latter has produced over 15,000 unique visitors to the site alone, with the most success coming as a result of coverage on Council Website Homepages and Council Intranet Homepages.
    The initiative launched by London Swimming in June and was adopted by other regions of the country August.We now have the backing and support of central ASA and will be re-launching the campaign nationally through the central marketing team in November.
  5. 5. An important part of the project for us was the gathering of customer data.At present we have unique customer email addresses. We are constantly surveying customers to find out about their experience.A link to the survey can be found here (119 respondents):
    Fill in the survey by clicking here
    This allows us to profile the user and gain insights into their motivations.
    We are also surveying users who have downloaded vouchers but not used them with interesting results!You can view these here (163 respondents):
    Unused result graph
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