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  1. 1. SS Carnatic 40.000 in gold?
  2. 2. Shaab Abu Nuhas About 10-15 min Zodiac ride (Depending on wind/waves) Location: 27 34 53" N, 33 55 32"E. Minimum Depth to Wreck 17m (Starboard side) Maximum Depth to Seabed: 27m (along Mast) Average Visibility: 30-35m
  3. 3. The History The Peninsula & Oriental Passenger Steamer "Carnatic" was built by Samuda Bros of London and classified as an "iron framed planked passenger steamer of 1776 tons." Her dimensions were 89.8m x 11.6m with a draught of 7.8m. In addition to square-rigged sails, she was powered by a single 4 cylinder compound inverted engine which produced a very handsome 2,442 hp - also built in London, by Humphrys and Tennant. The Carnatic was launched in December 1862 and registered by P & O (although that abbreviation was not used in those days) in March 1863. She then sailed for Calcutta on June 27th whereupon she was employed between Suez, Bombay and China. 1776 ton 89.8m x 11.6m Engine: 4 cylinder compound inverted
  4. 4. 34 passengers and 176 crew Cargo: Cotton, Royal Mail, Bottles of Wine and Soda and 40.000 worth of Copper and Gold species. Ran aground Sept 12th Sank: Sept 14th 1869 taking with her 5 passengers and 26 crew
  5. 5. Diving SS Carnatic POINTS OF INTEREST: Silhouette of stern Propeller Rudder Penetration Boiler - Funnel - Masts Cargo: Wine bottles Bow Sprit fitting Soft coral growth THIS DIVE: 80 bar: Back at the ascent line 60 bar: Start Safety Stop 50 bar: Back on surface Buddy Swim away from the reef Get into Zodiac fast ENJOY YOUR DIVE!