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Our pupils have been working with popular games. We have selected 3. I hope you like it, This activity belongs to our comenius activities. Comenius project: Lets meet where our cultures meet.


  • CEIP Toms Romojaro Fuensalida (Toledo)


  • The Billa Equipment: 6 skittles/bowling pins, 2 wooden clubs , traffic cones or similar for making a line. The bowling pins are placed at a distance of three to four metres from the baseline, in two rows of three, with a distance between them of a half a pin length. The game consists in knocking down all the pins but one; that makes a Billa, and you get 10 points. If, instead of knocking down 5 pins you knock less o more than that, you get one point for each bowling pin knocked down. In order to try to get a Billa, each player throws the wooden clubs one after the other. Once their turn is finished, the player has to put all the pins back in their placeand give the wooden clubs to the next player. If a player steps on or over the baseline the throw is invalid.

    Petanque Equipment: traffic cones or similar for making a line. The object of the game is to throw a ball as close as possible to the jack (small ball). Each child has a bowling ball and stands behind the line. One of them throws a ball and they all throw the balls in order. When all the players have thrown the ball, the winner is the one whose ball is closest to the jack and the winner throws the jack in the next game.

    Grandmas Footsteps Equipment: a wall, cones or similar for making a line. One child,it, stands facing the wall and the rest are behind them a few metres away. The child that is it turns their back to the rest and the statues attempt to run up to and touch the child that is it. The child that is it sings: One, two, three, English hide and seek, dont move your hands, nor your feet. Then, they turn round. Whenever it turns around, the statues must freeze in a position and hold that for as long as it looks at them. The child that is it can even walk around the statues to see if they are moving. If so, they are sent back to the starting line to begin again.


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