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App & Web for sharing geolocated photos of sporting events.


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  • 2. + + Geolocation Share photos sports What? An application/service of upload and share photos with mobiles from stadiums and sporting events for building a social media of sports.
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  • 4. Team es for c publications sl
  • 5. Freemium model
    • Free Services : upload & share sports photos, trading cards.
    • Premium services : Print your personalized magazine with photos and sports cards.
    Professionals : Sell photos to sports media; unlimited number of photos, storage in high resolution, upload by FTP,...etc. Clubs & Business: Ads and geomarketing. Geolocation marketing services like discounts during the game, incentive at the gift shop, ...etc. B2C B2B
  • 6. Now Sports cards App. mobile Web/Server Dec-2010 iPhone: Dec-2010 Feb-2011 Like badges in Foursquare or stamps in Gowalla Android: Feb-2011 I was there!
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