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NAYS New York Meeting

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  • 1. John Engh & Kate Dilworth presented by: Welcome!!!!

2. Todays Agenda NAYS Who we are Youth Sports in 2013 Current Challenges Youth Sports Tools Wrap-up / Q & A 3. National Alliance for Youth Sports NAYS History 501-c-3 nonprofit Diverse youth sports organization 3 million coaches trained since 1981 4. Youth Sports has changed! Age of Participants For the Parents or the Children? Travel/Select/Elite Specialization 5. FUN!!! self-confidence self-esteem skill building social skills sportsmanship fitness respect discipline role model follow through responsibility play by the rules communication teamwork winning/losing motivation commitment leadership positive outlook Why do parents sign their children up for youth sports? 6. The Sport Parent Paradox Parents enroll their children in sport because they believe that sport participation has tangible benefits and they are right! Shift Happens - Parents voluntarily sign their children up for a fun activity and then do all they can to eliminate the fun their children are having! #1 Issue: Identification 7. Its a PROCESS: 1. Screening 2. Training 3. Evaluation 4. Accountability What are we doing to manage and oversee our volunteers? 8. Four components of providing quality youth sports programs: 1. Screening Guidelines & Management 2. Training Live and Online Clinics continuing education membership benefits - value 3. Evaluation Coach Rating System 4. Accountability Code of Conduct/ Reporting & Revocation Procedures We are not just about TRAINING 9. NYSCA Program: 1. Training 2. Membership 3. Management Coach Administrator 10. NYSCA Program NYSCA TRAINING Online & Live Clinics $20 Annual Membership Part 1: Coaching Youth Sports Part 2: One Sport Specific Training 12 specific sport trainings live clinic options for non-traditional sorts Code of Ethics Exam add additional sports for $5 11. Login to NYSCA online clinic: 12. Part 1: Coaching Youth Sports 13. Part 2: Sport Specific Training 12 sports Baseball Softball Basketball Football Flag Football Boys Lacrosse Girls Lacrosse Soccer Ice Hockey Inline Hockey Cheerleading Volleyball 14. NYSCA Membership Whats Included in MEMBERSHIP? Benefits Training course Membership card $1,000,000 in excess liability coverage Increases to 2,000,000 + $250,000 accident in year 2 Youth Sports Journal SportingKid Magazine subscription Monthly Coaching E-Newsletter Additional trainings available to members Online Membership Including 15. Login to NYSCA member home at: [email protected] *********** 16. NYSCA member area: 17. NYSCA member area: 18. Additional FREE Trainings 19. Advanced Training Option 20. Chapter Management Coach oversight & MANAGEMENT View Member Status Coach accountability procedures Order materials Download forms Set-up/manage background checks Manage coach evaluations Access to youth league resources Chapter E-Newsletter 21. Cln-5655-67899 *********** Login to NYSCA Chapter Management at: 22. Chapter Management area: 23. Rate Your Coach Results 24. Coach Accountability National Guidelines: Created with input from youth sports professionals Revocation : Coaches not living up to the Code of Ethics can have their memberships revoked -permanently Reporting Feature: Allows NAYS to keep track of incidents and report back to chapters 25. Our Vision for Every Community Certified Youth Sports Administrator Trained League Administrators and/or Professional Staff Screened, Trained, Evaluated Coaches/Volunteers held Accountable for their actions Knowledgeable Parents Working Together for the KIDS 26. Volunteer Administrators NYSAA Overview: Volunteer Coach Management Participants/Kids Officials Dealing with Parents Volunteer Boards Protecting Yourself from Embezzlement Youth Sports & the Law Other Topics: Insurance Child Abuse Prevention Fundraising Marketing/Social Networking 27. Every NYSAA member gets a personalized website with tons of tools and resources 28. Another Example of being PROACTIVE : Defined Parent Orientations Types Formal programs Written materials Conducted by the league or left to the coach Mandatory or optional 29. Parents Association for Youth Sports (PAYS) Information covered: Parents role and responsibilities Youth sports goals and objectives Expected behaviors The coachs role Becoming a model youth sports parent 30. John Engh [email protected] Kate Dilworth [email protected]

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