Mountain Biking: An Evolution Towards Biking

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<ul><li><p>Mountain Biking: An Evolution Towards Biking!Started as a hobby mountain biking has surely attracted a lot of people and has become quite a popular sport nowadays. </p><p>In the late 1960s mountain biking first began when racing down fast on mountains also known as Repack races, caught </p><p>the imagination of cycle junkies worldwide. Because of the torturous, twisting, and the turning route downhill had </p><p>forced the different bikers to use the coaster brakes of their bikes to such extents that the hubs had to be repacked with </p><p>grease after every race finished. Now for all the racers who thrive for adventure in their life Formby Cycles is here to offer </p><p>you world class specialized mountain bikes for sale which can add a whole lot of difference in a professional racing. </p><p>Our specialized mountain bike are </p><p>specifically designed in a manner that </p><p>despite the trails, unpaved paths, and </p><p>slopes our bikes are able to climb them </p><p>without any difficulty.</p><p>Our bikes suspension is another </p><p>important asset you have in your racing </p><p>because if the suspensions give up then </p><p>your bike is useless but with the use of </p><p>high-quality suspensions we provide you </p><p>can beat the bumps and be on your way </p><p>to winning a race in grand style. Keeping </p><p>one thing in mind that mountain bikes </p><p>are risky and because of this it becomes </p><p>very important to have strong brakes and </p><p>we especially looked into these important </p><p>things and once you have ridden our </p><p>cycles youll come to know what comfort </p><p>means even on a mountain top. </p><p>The handlebars of our cycles have a different and unique design unlike the usual curved and dropped handlebars in the </p><p>usual bikes our bikes are straight with proper ground to cycle ratio making our bikes the best choice for a mountain racer </p><p>looking to over run his competition. With the levels of racing and endurance of athletes kept in mind we have come up </p><p>with these revolutionary bikes which along with your endurance and fitness level can help improve your performance </p><p>substantially and making you the winner you were born to be. We provide after sales services which can help keep your </p><p>bike in top condition. </p><p>Looking for a top quality specialized mountain bike the wait is over Finally!</p><p>Resource:</p><p> | 01704 835720 |</p><p></p></li></ul>