Lessons learned from the FIFA Confederations Cup 2009

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Text of Lessons learned from the FIFA Confederations Cup 2009


2. Using large events to leverage urban regeneration: The 2010 FIFA World Cup in the Cape Town Central City 3. getting citizens to feel that they live in a great city 4. post confeds cup:theGOOD NEWS! South Africa passes World Cup test - BBC News (July 2009) 2010 brand advocacy set to beat Germany benchmark - Dr Nikolaus Eberl quoted in BizCommunity, 21 July 2009 5. The organisation was very, very good ... all in all, it was a successful dress rehearsal for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.- Franz Beckenbauer, FIFA Executive Committee Member, on rating the 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup post confeds cup:theGOOD NEWS! 6. South Africa enjoyed a record attendance of 79% across all its FIFA Confederations Cup matches making ours the best Confeds Cup ever. This leads us to believe that South Africa may even be able to host the best FIFA World Cup ever -Adam Brown, Senior Operations Manager for MATCH Event Services post confeds cup:theGOOD NEWS! 7. 323 visitors surveyed(Cape Town Tourism, UCT)47% came just for the event 71% was attracted by culture, history & natural beauty 15% said value for money counts post confeds cup:theGOOD NEWS! 8. 53% planned via internet 14 average number of days stayed 52% visited Cape Town as well 33% largest group: USA 20% second largest group: Brazil post confeds cup:theGOOD NEWS! 9. so whats with thenegativity? 10. ACSA update 11. ACSA update 12. host citydecoration plan : report back First draftpresented 90%of ideas doable Thumbs upfrom FIFA 13. 2010 CAPE TOWN PARTNERSHIP FORUM CTRU 2010 destination marketing campaign The game of soccer lasts for 90 minutes.In 2010, its aboutMOREthan the game of soccer... 14. CAMPAIGN RATIONALE

  • LEVERAGEoff 2010 to:
  • strengthenCape Town & Western Capes position inexisting markets
  • and plant seed innew markets


  • Facilitate staysthroughout the regionbefore, between and after matches .
  • Help visitorsenjoy a fuller range of experiencesbefore, between and after matches
  • Motivatenon-soccer going visitors , and locals to experience theCape Town and the Western Cape during the 2010 FIFA World Cup.


  • Score an Adrenaline Hat Trick!


  • Cheer a Killer Pass On and Off the Field
  • When your Craving Demands more than a Burger
  • Take in a bit of Cape Culture as your Team goes for Glory
  • Living it up when the Final Whistle Blows!


  • When the Sound of the Vuvuzela Starts Getting to You

CULTURE & HERITAGE BODY, MIND & SPIRIT COSMOPOLITAN VIBE 16. FOR MORE INFORMATION Detailed presentationincluded on the CDsCopy of the FAN AMBASSADOR Road TripClipsincluded on the CDs Contact Person:Itumeleng Pooe 021 487 4860[email_address] Campaign Site:www.tourismcapetown.co.zaandkickonBeyond the 90 Minutes 17. jackson nkumandoat the cticc 18. Next meeting 22 September