Jeff king iditarod 2014

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<p>JEFF KING IDITAROD 2014</p> <p>what happened in the Iditarod race of 2014JEFF KING IDITAROD 2014</p> <p>Jeff King entered the 2014 Iditarod when he was 58 years old! He was born in California and came to Alaska in 1975.King has three daughters, Cali, Tessa, and Ellen.Who is Jeff King?Despite his four wins, King scratched this year. </p> <p>*Who is Gary Paulsen?Paulen has never won the iditarod but he says hes proud he could at least finish. Paulsen quit his third iditarod race after only two days after it had started because he had found out that he has heart disease because of hanging around dogs all the time. Gary Paulsen was a musher (Iditarod racer) who ran the Iditarod three times. However he only finished once. </p> <p> Similarities:*Both Gary Paulsen and Jeff King has run the Iditarod more than one time. Also, King and Paulsen have both run the Iditarod with beards. </p> <p>Differences:*Jeff King has won the Iditarod unlike Gary Paulsen. Gary Paulsen cannot run the Iditarod anymore however Jeff King can go for a few more years. *Comparisons between Paulsen and King</p> <p>Credits:Power Point by Elizabeth LoweIdeas and Editing by Sierra Vandre.</p> <p>Thank You for watching!</p>