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Intro Sports Quiz questions held on 15th Oct, 2011 at BMSCE

Text of Intro Sports Quiz Final

  • 1. Sports Quiz Finals
    Nishanth and Madan

2. Round 1
Write Brothers
3. 6questions
+5 per
Maximizer : +10
4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Round 2
Infinite Bounce (Clockwise)
11. +10 on a direct and pass.
+10/-10 on pounce.
Maximum of 3 wrong pounces allowed.
12. The first instance of this is something we have all heard of and it caused quite a stir in Australia. The other people to have done it include Charlie Griffith, Greg Chappell, Ewan Chatfield, Alan Hurst, Dipak Patel. Courtney Walsh famously abstained from doing it in 1987. Everyone thought Kapil Dev would be the last one to have done it(1992) but recent turn of events suggest that there might be someone who could end up doing it in the future.
13. 14. Mankading!
15. Connect
16. 17. SebastienVettel
18. Name the website.
19. 20.
21. Funda
22. 23. Based on Sonny Listons life. Titled so because of the famous Phantom Punch from Ali that knocked Liston out!
24. Connect and funda
25. 26. Liberty Bell Classic(1980) & Friendship Games(1984). Rebel/Parallel games held as a sign of protest to the Olympic Games.
27. The sport was invented in 1954 by Alan Blake of the newly formed Southsea Sub-Aqua Club and first played at the club by him and other divers. Originally called X (and still known primarily by that name in the United Kingdom today) the original rules called for teams of eight players, a bat reminiscent of a tiny shuffleboard stick, an uncoated lead puck called a squid, and a goal. X enjoys great popularity in many countries and 44 teams competed in the 14th World Championship in August 2006.
28. 29. Octopush!
30. Round 3
31. 1. +30/-25
32. 2. +25/-20
33. 3.+20/-15
34. 4.+15/-10
35. 5. +10/-5
36. 6. +5/0
37. 38. 1. Bengal Tigers
39. 2. Telugu Warriors
40. 3. Chennai Rhinos
41. 4. Mumbai Heroes
42. 5. Kerala Strikers
43. 6. Karnataka Bulldozers
44. Round 4
Infinite Bounce(Anticlockwise)
45. X said he originally grew the mustache as a form of rebellion against the clean-cut look imposed on him in college.
X is quoted as saying, "When I went there, I had every intention of shaving the mustache off, but I realized I was getting so many comments about itand everybody was talking about itthat I decided to keep it. I had some fun with a Russian coach who asked me if my mustache slowed me down. I said, 'No, as a matter of fact, it deflects _____away from my mouth, allows my rear end to rise and make me bullet-shaped. He's translating as fast as he can for the other coaches, and the following year every Russian had a mustache."
46. 47. Mark Spitz
48. Reporters in the past used separate pieces of paper to record the different statistics of a game. What term in sports is believed to have originated because of the non-occurrence of a particular event that would render the material they carried with them useless?
49. 50. 51. Funda?
52. 53. ArunKarthick does a Miandad!
54. In baseball, it refers to Bobby Thomson's game winning home run that clinched the 1951 National League pennant for the New York Giants.
In International Men's Ice Hockey, it refers to the winning goal of Paul Henderson in the final seconds of the 8th and final match to secure Team Canada's victory in the 1972 Canada-USSR Super-series.
In golf, it is used most often to describe Gene Sarazen's albatross on the fifteenth hole at the 1935 Masters Tournament, which helped propel him into a 36-hole playoff with Craig Wood.
In US soccer, it is used to describe the goal scored by Paul Caligiuri for the United States against Trinidad and Tobago in Port of Spain in 1989. The win propelled the team to the 1990 FIFA World Cup, helping to start a resurgence of American soccer.
55. 56. Shot heard round the world.
57. Michelle Larcher de Brito109
Maria Sharapova 101
Monica Seles93.2
Serena Williams 88.9
Venus Williams 85
A list of what?
58. 59. Loudest grunts recorded on the WTA tour!
60. "Superman my a--," Xsaid after the game, releasing the statement like he'd been waiting to say it for months and couldn't hold it in anymore. "When I was coming up and there was Pat Ewing and Hakeem [Olajuwon], I never doubled anybody," Xsaid. "You tell me who the real Superman is.
Gimme X and Superman.
61. 62. Shaq talking about Dwight Howard
63. Round 5
64. +50/-25
65. 66. 67. +40/-20
68. 69. 70. +30/-15
71. 72. 73. +20/-10
74. 75. 76. +10/0
77. 78. 79. Thank You!