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2. MYDREAM 3. The location of the British Grand Prix in Formula 1 racing It was also the first F1 grand prix that I ever watched And thus began my love for the sportAnd Ferrari And Michael Schumacher. Who incidentally finished that race 3rd 4. The noise. The speed. The adrenalinerush. The cars. The precision. Theovertaking. The technology. The pitbabes. The RACING! I LOVE it ALL! 5. The first grand prix at the Marina BayStreet Circuit took place in 2008. It was thefirst ever night grand prix with the entiretrack light by flood lights.The track is beyond incredible, with mostof it as actual city street way and onesection even goes right under a grandstand holding viewers. 6. While Michael Schumacher doesnt racefor Ferrari anymore, I would still get to seehim on track at the race.Also, Ferrari is in an amazing position in thechampionship at this point of time andSingapore would be an important race.To see it live would be a dream come true. 7. When I visited Singapore in the summer of 2011, I had a chanceto actually visit the Marina Bay circuit and it was an incredibleexperience. To stand at the point where the cars actually enterthe pit lane was incredible! I HAD to come back to watch a livegrand prix there !! 8. Mommy and me at the Marina Bay Pit entrance.Dont worry, Godrej wont have to pay for her tickets :D Just mine :D 9. Ok. So. Now I have this dream right? How do we make a it a reality ? *Puts on thinking hat*Ok fine. Thats a traffic cone, not a hat. But this Should work either way. 10. IDEA!! Who are thenicest people in theworld who make things like this happen ? :D 11. Ok enough sucking up to you guys. Let me tell you how much my dream costs. 12. Given the current state of our economy, the exchange rates really arentworking with me but here goes. All calculations done assuming 1 = INR 86.603 day pass to Turn 2 grandstand @ Marina Bay Circuit- 685.51 =INR 59,3652 day stay at Hotel Park Regis (4 Star - cause thats how we roll :D ) - 464.33 =INR 40,211Economy Return Flight tickets Delhi-Singapore=INR 32,000Visa =INR 2,500Incidental and Miscellaneous expenses=INR 15,000Total Item(s) : 1 DreamTotal Cost: INR 1,49,076 < INR 1,50,000 All prices obtained from www.formula1.com and www.makemytrip.com 13. *le me*le Mark Kahn YEAH??HEY MARK!HOW MUCH 1,50,000WILL YOU GIVE RUPEESME TO FULLFILLMY DREAM? :D OKAY :DWHATS SO FUNNY? MY DREAM COSTS FFFFFFFUUUU 1,49,076 RUPEES. ONLY. UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU 14. Thank you for your time andpatience. No offence meant toMark Kahn. I think hes awesome.No, really.I hope I was heard LOUD and clear.GODREJ, please make my dreamcome true