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Geography - Natural Landforms PowerPoint Presentation


<ul><li> Idaho Geography<br />Lets learn a little about<br /></li> <li> Geographical Features:<br />Mountains<br />Rivers and Lakes<br />Landforms<br /></li> <li> Snake Riverlongest river in Idaho<br />;site=BLM&amp;catalog=catalog<br /></li> <li> Where is the Snake River?<br /></li> <li> Shoshone FallsWaterfall that is 212 feet tall<br /><br /></li> <li> Shoshone Falls is<br />located in the south of Idaho.<br /></li> <li> Lake Pend Oreillelargest lake in Idaho<br /><br /></li> <li> Look to the north to find this lake<br /></li> <li> Malad Riverone of the shortest rivers in the world<br /><br /></li> <li> The Malad River flows<br /> into the Snake River.<br /></li> <li> Salmon Riverone of the longest rivers in the US to lie completely in one state<br /><br /></li> <li> Where is the Salmon River?<br /><br /></li> <li> Snake River Valleylargest valley in Idaho<br /><br /></li> <li> The Snake River Valley or Plain is located along the Snake River in the south of Idaho.<br /></li> <li> Mount Borah:the highest elevation in Idaho (12,662 feet)<br /><br /></li> <li> Lost River Rangetallest mountain range in Idaho<br /><br /></li> <li> Where is Mount Borah?<br />Its part of the Lost River Range.<br /></li> <li> Bitterroot Rangelongest mountain range in Idaho<br /><br /></li> <li> The Bitterroot Mountain range<br />forms part of the border between Idaho and Montana.<br /></li> <li> Owyhee Mountains<br /><br /></li> <li> Where are the Owyhee Mountains?<br /></li> <li> Sawtooth Mountains<br /><br /></li> <li> Where are the Sawtooth Mountains?<br /></li> <li> Seven Devils Range and Hells Canyon are both located in the west of Idaho.<br /></li> <li> Seven Devils Range<br /><br /></li> <li> Hells Canyondeepest canyon or gorge in the United States<br /><br /></li> <li> Where is Craters of the Moon?<br /><br /></li> <li> Craters of the Moon<br /><br /></li> <li> Bruneau Sand Dunes<br /><br /><br /></li> <li> City of Rocks<br /><br /></li> <li> The City of Rocks is in south-central Idaho.<br /></li> <li> Yeah! <br />Now we know more about IDAHO<br />Geographical Features:<br /> Mountains <br />Rivers and Lakes<br />Landforms<br />Click to end show.<br />Click to watch again.<br /></li> </ul>


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